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Forests and Landscapes: Linking Ecology, Sustainability and Aesthetics (Hardcover)
Stephen R J Sheppard, Howard W Harshaw

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Table of Content
a: Foreword, Paul Gobster, Research Social Scientist with the USDA ForestService at the North Central Research Station, Chicago, IL
Part I: Linking Ecological Sustainability to Aesthetics: Do People PreferSustainable Landscapes?
1: Landscape Aesthetics and Sustainability: An Introduction, S R J Sheppard and H W Harshaw
Part II: Seeing and Knowing: Approaches to Aesthetics and Sustainability
2: Aesthetic Preferences and Ecological Sustainability, T C Daniel, University of Arizona, USA
3: Aesthetic Preferences for Sustainable Landscapes: Seeing and Knowing, A Carlson, University of Alberta, Canada
4: Visible and Non-Visible Indicators of Forest Sustainability: Beauty, Beholders and Belief Systems, J P (Hamish) Kimmins, University of British Columbia, Canada
5: Why Do You Think that Hillside is Ugly? A Sociological Perspective on Aesthetics Values and Public Attitudes on Forests, D B Tindall, University of British Columbia, Canada
Part III: Perspectives on Forest Sustainability
6: Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forestry: A Systems Approach, C D Oliver, University of Washington, USA, et al.
7: International Initiatives for the Sustainable Management of Forests, J Burley, Oxford Forestry Institute, UK, and President, International Union of Forestry Research Organizations (IUFRO), UK
8: The Tloo-qua-nah Principle in Forest Sustainability: A First Nations Perspective, Umeek (E R Atleo), Malaspina University-College, British Columbia
Part IV: Theories Relating Aesthetics and Forest Ecology
9: An Ecologist’s Ideas About Landscape Beauty: Beauty in Art and Scenery as Influenced by Science and Ideology, D B Botkin, George Mason University, Virginia, USA
10: Can a Fresh Look at the Psychology of Perception and Philosophy of Aesthetics Help Contribute to the Better Management of Forested Landscapes? S Bell, Heriot-Watt University, Scotland
11: Beyond Visual Resource Management: Emerging Theories of an Ecological Aesthetic and Visible Stewardship, S R J Sheppard
12: What is Essential may be Invisible to the Eye: Understanding the Role of Place and Social Learning in Achieving Sustainable Landscapes, L Kruger, USDA Forest Service, Washington, USA
Part V: Visualization of Forested Landscapes
13: The Rhetoric of Visual Simulation in Forest Design: Some Research Directions, D Luymes, University of British Columbia, Canada
14: Immersion in a Virtual Forest - Some Implications, B Orland and J Uusitalo, University of Joensuu, Finland
15: Considerations for Digital Visualization of Landscape, J Danahy, University of Toronto, Canada
16: Predicting Preference for Scenic Landscapes using Computer Simulations, J R Wherrett, Heriot-Watt University, Scotland
Part VI: Reconciling Forest Sustainability and Aesthetics
17: Conclusions: Toward a Research Agenda for Forest Landscape Management, S R J Sheppard and H W Harshaw

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ISBN-13 : 978-0851995007
ISBN-10 : 0851995004
Publisher : CABI Publishing
Publication Year : 2000
Edition No : 1
Hardcover : 304 pages
Shipping Weight : 0.726 Kg
Dimensions: 6.1 x 1.1 x 9.1 inches
Print Origin : United States
Edition Type : Original Student Edition(OSE)
Language : English