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Introduction to Genetics: A Molecular Approach (Paperback)
Terry A Brown

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Table of Content
2. DNA
3. Genes
4. Transcription of DNA to RNA
5. Types of RNA Molecule: Messenger RNA
6. Types of RNA Molecule: Noncoding RNA
7. The Genetic Code
8. Protein Synthesis
9. Control of Gene Expression
10. DNA Replication
11. Inheritance of Genes during Eukaryotic Cell Division
12. Inheritance of Genes in Bacteria
13. Inheritance of Genes during Virus Infection Cycles
14. Inheritance of DNA Molecules during Eukaryotic Sexual Reproduction
15. Inheritance of Genes during Eukaryotic Sexual Reproduction
16. Mutation and DNA Repair
17. Inheritance of Genes in Populations
18. Genes in Differentiation and Development
19. The Human Genome
20. Genes and Medicine
21. DNA in Forensics and Studies of Human History
22. Genes in Industry and Agriculture
23. The Ethical Issues Raised by Modern Genetics

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