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Assembly Language For X86 Processors, 7/E
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Atlas of Fibre Fracture and Damage to Textil...
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Atmospheres, 5/E
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Business, Government, and Society: A Manager...
by John F Steiner, George A Steiner Emeritus
Butchering, Processing and Preservation of Meat
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C For Engineers and Scientists, An Interpret...
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C Programming: A Modern Approach, 2/E
by K N King
C# Software Solutions: Foundations of Progra...
by John Lewis
C++ How to Program (Early Objects Version), ...
by Harvey M Deitel, Paul J Deitel
C: How to Program, 8/E
by Paul Deitel, Harvey Deitel
Calculus, 6/E
by Earl Swokowski, Michael Olinick, Dennis D P...
Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary with...
by IDM
Cambridge Handbook of Strategy as Practice
by Damon Golsorkh, Linda Rouleau, David Seidl...
Capital Markets, Derivatives and the Law: Ev...
by Alan N Rechtschaffen, Jean-Claude Trichet
Carbon Nanotube and GrapheneNanoribbon Inter...
by Debaprasad Das, Hafizur Rahaman
Cases in Business and Management, 2/E
by Nazmul Amin Majumdar, Quamrul Alam
Cases on Teacher Identity, Diversity, and Co...
by Paul Breen
Catalytic Combustion
by Sophie A Cottilard
Catch-22: 50th Anniversary Edition
by Joseph Heller, Christopher Buckley
CCNA Routing and Switching Portable Command ...
by Scott Empson
Ceasefire Agreements and Peace Process: A Co...
by Malin Akebo
Cellulose and Cellulose Composites: Modifica...
by Md Ibrahim H Mondal
Cellulose and Cellulose Derivatives: Synthes...
by Md Ibrahim H Mondal
Centrifugal Pump Clinic, 2/E
by Igor J Karassik
by Leslie Marmon Silko, Larry McMurtry
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Cert Guide
by Michael Gregg
Chasing the Wind: Regulating Air Pollution i...
by Noga Morag-Levine
Chemical Finishing of Textiles
by Wolfgang D Schindler, Peter J Hauser
Chemical Food Safety
by Leon Brimer
Chemical Processes for a Sustainable Future
by Trevor Letcher, Janet Scott, Darrell Alec P...
Chemical Testing of Textiles
by Qinguo Fan
Chocolate, Cocoa and Confectionery: Science ...
by Bernard Minifie
Chromatography: Concepts and Contrasts, 2/E
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Cities for People
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Civil Engineering Materials and Their Testing
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Classification in Theory and Practice, 2/E
by Susan Batley
Classification Made Simple: An Introduction ...
by Eric J Hunter
Clinical Genomics
by Shashikant Kulkarni, John Pfeifer
Clinical Nursing Skills: Core and Advanced
by Ruth Endacott, Phil Jevon, Simon Cooper
Clinical Prediction Models: A Practical Appr...
by Steyerberg, Ewout
Clinical Veterinary Microbiology, 2/E
by Bryan Markey, Finola Leonard, Marie Archamb...
CMOS: Mixed-Signal Circuit Design, 2/E
by R Jacob Baker
CO2 Rising: The World's Greatest Environment...
by Tyler Volk
Cognition, Education, and Communication Tech...
by Peter Gardenfors, Petter Johansson
Cognitive Development from a Strategy Perspe...
by Patrick Lemaire
Colonial Frames, Nationalist Histories
by Mrinalini Rajagopalan, Madhuri Desai
Color Atlas of Veterinary Pathology: General...
by Jaap Van Dijk, Erik Gruys, Johan Mouwen
Colorants and auxiliaries Volume 1 - Coloran...
by John Shore
Colorants and Auxiliaries: Organic Chemistry...
by John Shore
Colour Physics for Industry
by Roderick McDonald
Communication and Human Behaviour, 6/E
by Brent Ruben
Communication in Nursing, 7/E
by Julia Balzer Riley
Communication Networks: Fundamental Concepts...
by Alberto Leon-Garcia, Indra Widjaja
Communication Works, 11/E
by Teri Gamble, Michael Gamble
Community and Public Health Nursing: Promoti...
by Judith Allender, Cherie Rector, Kristine Wa...
Community as Partner: Theory and Practice in...
by Elizabith T Anderson, Judith McFarlane
Community Ecotoxicology
by William Henry Clements, Michael C Newman
Community Health Nursing: Caring in Action, 2/E
by Janice Hitchcock, Phyllis E Schubert, Sue A...
Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction Volu...
by Rajib Shaw
Community-Based Nursing Practice: Learning T...
by Jeanne Sorrell, Georgine Redmond
Community-Based Nursing: An Introduction, 3/E
by Melanie McEwen, Bridgette Pullis
Comparative Public Administration, 2/E
by J A Chandler
Competitive Programming, 3/E
by Steven Halim, Felix Halim
Compliant Offshore Structures
by Minoo H Patel, Joel A Witz
Comprehensive Community Health Nursing: Fami...
by Susan Clemen-Stone, Sandra L McGuire, Diane...
Computational Actuarial Science with R
by Arthur Charpentier
Computational Biochemistry and Biophysics
by Oren M. Becker (Editor), Alexander D. MacKe...
Computer Architecture
by Gerard Blanchet, Bertrand Dupouy
Computer Graphics Using OpenGL, 3/E
by Francis S Hill, Stephen M Kelley
Computer Graphics with OpenGL, 4/E
by Donald D Hearn, M Pauline Baker
Computer Organization and Architecture, 10/E
by William Stallings
Computer Organization and Design, 5/E
by David A Patterson, John L Hennessy
Computer Organization and Embedded Systems, 6/E
by Carl Hamacher, Zvonko Vranesic, Safwat Zaky
Computer Science: A Structured Approach Usin...
by Behrouz A Forouzan, Richard F Gilberg
Computer Science: An Overview, 12/E
by J Glenn Brookshear
Computer Simulation of Liquids, 2/E
by M P Allen, D J Tildesley
Computers in Libraries: An Introduction for ...
by Katie Wilson
Concepts In Systems and Signals, 2/E
by John D Sherrick
Concrete Structures, 2/E
by Mehdi Setareh, Robert Darvas
Conservation of Historic Buildings
by Bernard Feilden
Constraints on the Waging of War: An Introdu...
by Frits Kalshoven, Liesbeth Zegveld
Contemporary Issues in Accounting
by Patricia Stanton, Susan McGowan, Kimberly F...
Contemporary Labor Economics, 11/E
by Campbell McConnell, Stanley Brue, David Mac...
Contemporary Political Sociology: Globalizat...
by Kate Nash
Contemporary Political Theory: A Reader
by Colin Farrelly
Contemporary Strategic Management an Austral...
by Robert M Grant, Bella Butler, Stuart Orr, P...
Contemporary Theorist for Medical Sociology
by Graham Schambler
Controlled Environment Agriculture
by M Asaduzzaman
Convergent Journalism: An Introduction: Writ...
by Vincent F Filak
Coordination Chemistry: Metal Complexes
by P. L . Soni, Vandna Soni
Cornea (2-Volume Set), 4/E
by Mark Mannis, Edward Holland
Corporate Governance Lessons from Transition...
by Merritt B Fox, Michael A Heller
Correct Your English Errors, 2/E
by Tim Collins
Corrections and Collections: Architectures f...
by Joe Day
by Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan, Neil deGrasse Tyson
Cracking the Coding Interview: 189 Programmi...
by Gayle Laakmann McDowell
Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make T...
by Michael Braungart, William McDonough
Crafting Strategy: Embodied Metaphors in Pra...
by Claus D Jacobs, Loizos Heracleous
Creating and Understanding Drawings, 3/E
by Gene A Mittler, James Howze
Criminal Justice: A Very Short Introduction
by Julian V Roberts
Criminal Love: Queer Theory, Culture, and Po...
by R Raj Rao
Criminology: Theory and context
by Tierney, John & O'Neill, Maggie
Critical Care Nursing: A Holistic Approach, ...
by Patricia Gonce Morton, Dorrie K Fontaine
Critical Care Nursing: Diagnosis and Managem...
by Linda D Urden, Kathleen M Stacy, Mary E Lough
Critical Political Economy of the Media
by Jonathan Hardy
CSR in Private Enterprises in Developing Cou...
by Nakib Muhammad Nasrullah
Cultural Heritage and Tourism: An Introduction
by Dallen J Timothy
Cultural Heritage Management in China
by Hilary Du Cros, Yok-shiu F Lee
Cultural Studies and Beyond
by Ioan Davies
Culture, Society and the Media
by Tony Bennett, James Curran, Michael Gurevit...
Data Communications Networking, 5/E
by Behrouz A Forouzan
Data Mining Solutions: Methods and Tools for...
by Christopher Westphal, Teresa Blaxton
Data Science from Scratch First Principles w...
by Joel Grus
Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C+...
by Mark Allen Weiss
Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy in ...
by Narasimha Karumanchi
Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy in ...
by Narasimha Karumanchi
Data Structures and Problem Solving Using Ja...
by Mark Allen Weiss
Data Structures and Program Design In C
by Robert L Kruse, Bruce P Leung, Clovis L Tondo
Data Structures In C
by Noel Kalicharan
Database Systems: Design, Implementation and...
by Carlos Coronel, Steven Morris
Deciphering the Indus Script
by Asko Parpola
Decrypting Power
by Ricardo Sanín-Restrepo
Deep Learning
by Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio, Aaron Courville
Deep Learning with Python
by Francois Chollet
Deforestation in the Teknaf Peninsula of Ban...
by Masakazu Tani, Md Abiar Rahman
Demand Driven Supply Chain: A Structured and...
by Paulo Mendes
Democratization and Development: New Politic...
by D. Jung
Denim: Manufacture, Finishing and Applications
by Roshan Paul
Design and Construction of High-Performance ...
by Franca Trubiano
Design and Evaluation of Physical Protection...
by Mary Lynn Garcia
Design and Practice for Printed Textiles
by McNamara, Andrew, and Snelling, Patrick
Design Criteria for Mosques and Islamic Centers
by Akel Kahera, Latif Abdulmalik, Craig Anz
Design for Critical Care: An Evidence-Based ...
by D Kirk Hamilton, Mardelle McCuskey Shepley
Design for the Changing Educational Landscape
by Andrew Harrison, Les Hutton
Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Pla...
by Water Environment Federation
Design That Cares: Planning Health Facilitie...
by Janet R Carpman, Myron A Grant
Designing and Patternmaking for Stretch Fabrics
by Keith Richardson
Designing Design, 4/E
by Kenya Hara
Designing Embedded Hardware, 2/E
by John Catsoulis
Developing Research Questions
by Patrick White
Development Challenges and Solutions After t...
by Ali Kadri
Development Economics
by Debraj Ray
Development Economics and Social JusticeEssa...
by John Thoburn
Development Orgnaizations
by Rebecca Schaaf
Development Poverty and Politics: Putting Co...
by Richard Martin, Ashna Mathema
Developmental Biology: From a Cell to an Org...
by Russ Hodge, Nadia Rosenthal
Developmental Neuropsychology: A Clinical Ap...
by Vicki Anderson, Elisabeth Northam, Jacquie ...
Dialectic of Enlightenment
by Max Horkheimer, Theodor W Adorno, Gunzelin ...
Diasporic Journeys, Ritual, and Normativity ...
by Pnina Werbner, Mark Johnson
Dicey, Morris and Collins on the Conflict of...
by Andrew Dickinson, David McClean, Peter McEl...
Dictionary of Computer Science, Engineering ...
by Phillip A Laplante
Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics, 6/E
by David Crystal
Digital Logic and Computer Design
by M Morris Mano
Digital Logic Design Principles
by Norman Balabanian, Bradley Carlson
Digital Marketing Excellence: Planning Optim...
by Dave Chaffey, PR Smith
Digital Printing of Textiles
by H. Ujiie
Digital Rights Management
by Catherine A Lemmer, Carla P Wale
Digital Systems, 12/E
by Ronald Tocci, Neal Widmer, Greg Moss
Digital Tectonics
by Neil Leach, David Turnbull, Chris Williams
Disability and International Development
by David Cobley
Disaster Vulnerabilities and Risks
by Prabhas Chandra Singh
Discovering Computers ©2018: Digital Technol...
by Misty E Vermaat, Susan L Sebok, Steven M Fr...
Discovery of Novel Natural Products with The...
by Vincent P Gullo
Div, Grad, Curl, and All That: An Informal T...
by H M Schey
Diversity in Organizations, 2/E
by Myrtle P Bell
Divided Conversations: Identities, Leadershi...
by Kristin G. Esterberg, John Wooding
Does Technology Drive History The Dilemma of...
by Leo Marx
Doing Grounded Theory: Issues and Discussion
by Barney G Glaser
Draping for Apparel Design, 3/E
by Helen Joseph-Armstrong
Drug Delivery Systems
by Vasant V Ranade, John B Cannon
Drupal 8 Configuration Management
by Stefan Borchert, Anja Schirwinski
Drupal 8 Development: Beginner's Guide, 2/E
by Neeraj Kumar, Tassos Koutlas, Samuel Keen
Drupal 8 for Absolute Beginners
by James Barnett
Drupal 8 Theming with Twig
by Chaz Chumley
Dynamic Spectrum Access and Management in Co...
by Ekram Hossain, Dusit Niyato, Zhu Han
e-topia: Urban Life, Jim—But Not As We Know It
by William J Mitchell
E=mc2: A Biography of the World's Most Famou...
by David Bodanis
Earth Science, 14/E
by Edward Tarbuck, Frederick Lutgens, Dennis Tasa
Earthquake Engineering: From Engineering Sei...
by Yousef Bozorgnia, Vitelmo V. Bertero
Ebersole and Hess' Gerontological Nursing an...
by Theris A Touhy, Kathleen F Jett
Eco-Urbanity: Towards Well-Mannered Built En...
by Darko Radovic
Ecological Census Techniques: A Handbook, 2/E
by William J Sutherland
Ecological Urbanism
by Mohsen Mostafavi, Gareth Doherty
Ecology and Environment
by P D Sharma
Ecology of Aquatic Systems, 2/E
by Mike Dobson, Chris Frid
Econometric Models and Economic Forecasts, 4/E
by Robert Pindyck, Daniel Rubinfeld, Robert S ...
Economic Development and Environmental Susta...
by Roman E Lopez, Michael A Toman
Economic Geography: A Critical Introduction
by Trevor J Barnes, Brett Christophers
Economic Geography:Past, Present and Future
by Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen, Helen Lawton-Smith
Economic Growth Versus the Environment: The ...
by J Cherni
Economics of the Welfare State, 5/E
by Nicholas Barr
Economics with Islamic Orientation
by Zubair Hasan
Economics: Applications to Agriculture and A...
by Randall D Little
Ecosystem-Based Adaptation Volume 12
by Noralene Uy, Rajib Shaw
Ecotextiles: The Way Forward for Sustainable...
by M. Miraftab, A.R. Horrocks
Education, Human Capital and Development
by Kartick Roy, Mike Roberts, Ershad Ali
Egypt's Revolutions: Politics, Religion, and...
by Bernard Rougier, Stéphane Lacroix, Cynthia ...
Einstein Gravity in a Nutshell
by Anthony Zee
Electric Machines and Drives: Principles, Co...
by Shaahin Filizadeh
Electric Machines and Power System
by Vincent Del Toro
Electric Power Generation, Transmission and ...
by Leonard L. Grigsby
Electrical Installation Designs, 4/E
by Bill Atkinson, Roger Lovegrove, Gary Gundry
Electrical Machines and Drives: Fundamentals...
by Jan A Melkebeek
Electrical Power Transmission System Enginee...
by Turan Gonen
Electrical Transients in Power Systems, 2/E
by Allan Greenwood
Electromagnetic Field Theory
by K A Gangadhar, P M Ramanathan
Electron Density and Bonding in Crystals: Pr...
by V G Tsirelson, R P Ozerov
Elemental: Incremental Housing and Participa...
by Alejandro Aravena, Andres Iacobelli
Embedded and Real-Time Operating Systems
by K.C. Wang
Emerging Techniques in Applied Demography
by M.Nazrul Hoque, Lloyd B. Potter
Emerging Technologies for Library Management...
by Neeraj Chaurasia
Emotional and Cognitive Overload
by Anne-Francoise Rutkowski, Carol Saunders
Enabling the Internet of Things: From Integr...
by Massimo Alioto
Encountering Development: The Making and Unm...
by Arturo Escobar
Encyclopaedia of Air Pollution Control Equip...
by Frederick W Lipfert, Litao Wang Hsiaolan Liu
Encyclopedia Of Electronic Components Volume 1
by Charles Platt
Engaging in Educational Research: Revisiting...
by Raqib Chowdhury, Mahbub Sarkar, Foez Mojumd...
Engineering Design Methods: Strategies for P...
by Nigel Cross
Engineering Design via Surrogate Modelling: ...
by Dr. Alexander Forrester, Dr. Andras Sobeste...
Engineering Design: A Project Based Introduc...
by Clive L. Dym, Patrick Little
Engineering Education Quality Assurance: A G...
by Arun Patil, Peter Gray
Enhancing Understanding and Quantification o...
by Dennis Timlin, Laj R Ahuja
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
by Tom Tietenberg, Lynne Lewis
Environmental Biotechnology: Principles and ...
by Bruce E Rittmann, Perry L McCarty
Environmental Chemical Analysis
by S Mitra, Pradyot Patnaik, B B Kebbekus
Environmental Criminology and Crime Analysis
by Richard Wortley, Michael Townsley
Environmental Hazards: Assessing Risk And Re...
by Keith Smith, Keith Smith
Environmental Hydrology
by Andy D. Ward, Stanley W. Trimble, Suzette R...
Environmental Justice: Law, Policy, and Regu...
by Clifford Rechtschaffen, Eileen P Gauna
Environmental Microbiology: Methods and Prot...
by Ian T Paulsen, Andrew J Holmes
Environmental Modelling With GIS & Remote Se...
by Andrew Skidmore   
Environmental Pollution and Plant Responses
by Shashi Bhushan Agrawal, Madhoolika Agrawal
Environmental Science: The Natural Environme...
by Andrew R. W. Jackson, Julie M Jackson
Environmental Studies, 2/E
by V K Ahulwalia
Ernsting's Aviation and Space Medicine
by David Gradwell, David J Rainford
Essential Developmental Biology, 3/E
by Jonathan M W Slack
Essential Matlab for Engineers and Scientist...
by Brian Hahn, Dan Valentine
Essentials for Nursing Practice, 9/E
by Patricia A Potter RN, Anne Griffin Perry, P...
Essentials of Business Environment
by K Aswathappa
Essentials of Physical Anthropology, 9/E
by Robert Jurmain, Lynn Kilgore, Wenda Trevathan
Essentials of Physical Anthropology: Discove...
by Clark Spencer Larsen
Essentials of Veterinary Bacteriology and My...
by G R Carter, Darla J Wise
Essentials of Veterinary Parasitology
by Hany M Elsheikha, Naveed Ahmed Khan
Ethics in Nursing: The Caring Relationship, 3/E
by Verena Tschudin
EU Private International Law: An ECJ Caseboo...
by Michael Bogdan, Ulf Maunsbach
Evaluating Environmental and Social Impact A...
by Salim Momtaz, S M Zobaidul Kabir
Evaluating Research in Academic Journals: A ...
by Fred Pyrczak
Evidence Found: An Approach to Crime Scene I...
by David Miranda
Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing and Healt...
by Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk, Ellen Fineout-Ov...
Evolution and Social Psychology
by Mark Schaller, Jeffry A Simpson, Douglas T ...
Evolutionary Critical Theory and Its Role in...
by Sementelli J Arthur, Abel Charles Frederick
Exit West: A Novel
by Mohsin Hamid
Expanding Architecture: Design as Activism
by Bryan Bell, Katie Wakeford
Experiments in Biochemistry: A Hands-on Appr...
by Shawn O Farrell, Lynn E Taylor
Exploring the Hospitality Industry, 3/E
by John Walker
FabLab of Machines, Makers and Inventors
by Julia Walter-Herrmann, Corinne Buching
Fabric Testing
by Jinlian Hu
Faculty Development in the Age of Evidence: ...
by Andrea L Beach
Fashion Marketing
by Tim Jackson, D Shaw
Fashion Merchandising: Principles and Practice
by James Clark
Fast Fourier Transform - Algorithms and Appl...
by K R Rao, Do Nyeon Kim, Jae Jeong Hwang
Female Masculinity
by Jack Halberstam
Feminist Approaches to Media Theory and Rese...
by Dustin Harp, Jaime Loke, Ingrid Bachmann
Feminist Political Ecology: Global Issues an...
by Dianne Rocheleau, Barbara Thomas-Slayter, E...
Feminist Theory Reader, 4/E
by Carole McCann, Seung-kyung Kim
Feminist Thought: A More Comprehensive Intro...
by Rosemarie Tong, Tina Fernandes Botts
Fenner's Veterinary Virology, 5/E
by N James Maclachlan, Edward J Dubovi
Fight Global Warming Now
by Bill McKibben
Figure Drawing for Fashion Design
by Elisabetta Brudi Tiziana Paci
Film Feminisms: A Global Introduction
by Kristin Lene Hole, Dijana Jelaca
Financial and Actuarial Statistics; An Intro...
by Dale S. Borowiak, Arnold F. Shapiro
Financial Economics, 2/E
by Zvi Bodie, Robert Merton, David Cleeton
Financial Regulation: Law and Policy
by Michael Barr, Howell Jackson
Flow Through Open Channels
by Rajesh Srivastava
Fluid Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applicatio...
by Yunus A Cengel, John M Cimbala
Flynn's Parasites of Laboratory Animals, 2/E
by David G Baker
Food and Beverage Management
by Bernard Davis, Andrew Lockwood, Peter Alcot...
Food Traceability and Authenticity: Analytic...
by Didier Montet, Ramesh C Ray
Foodborne Pathogens and Food Safety
by Md Latiful Bari, Dike O Ukuku
Forensic Document Examination: Fundamentals ...
by Jane Lewis
Fortran 95/2003: for Scientists and Engineer...
by Stephen Chapman
Foundation Analysis and Design, 5/E
by Joseph E Bowles
Foundations of Sensation and Perception, 2/E
by George Mather
Fracture Mechanics, 2/E
by Nestor Perez
Freehand Drawing and Discovery: Urban Sketch...
by James Richards
From Pencil to Pen Tool: Understanding andCr...
by Jemi Armstrong, LorrieIvas, Wynn Armstrong
From World War to Cold War: Churchill, Roose...
by David Reynolds
Frontiers of Complexity: The Search for Orde...
by Roger Highfield, Peter Coveney
Functional Genomics
by Rosanna Mann
Fundamentals of Communications Systems
by Michael Fitz
Fundamentals of Geomorphology
by Richard John Huggett
Fundamentals of Geomorphology, 3/E
by Richard Huggett
Fundamentals of Machine Theory and Mechanisms
by Antonio Simón Mata, Alex Bataller Torras, J...
Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering
by J Kenneth Shultis, Richard E Faw
Fundamentals Of Nursing, 2/E ( 2 Volume Sets)
by Jacob, Alphonsa
Fundamentals of Nursing: Human Health and Fu...
by Ruth F Craven, Constance J Hirnle, Sharon J...
Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Heal...
by Mark A Friend, James P Kohn
Fundamentals of Optical Waveguides, 2/E
by Katsunari Okamoto
Fundamentals of Orthopaedic Biomechanics
by Albert H Burstein, Timothy M Wright
Fundamentals of Project Management, 3/E
by James P Lewis
Fundamentals of Spun Yarn Technology
by Carl A Lawrence
Fundamentals of World Regional Geography
by Joseph J Hobbs
Game Development Essentials: An Introduction...
by Jeannie Novak
Gandhi and Beyond: Nonviolence for an Age of...
by David Cortright
Garden Cities of To-Morrow
by Ebenezer Howard
Gate Guide Electrical Engineering 2019
by GKP
Gate Paper Electrical Engineering 2017 (Solv...
by GKP
GATE Tutor for Electrical Engineering
by Bhavin Juneja, Prashant Bharti, Gaurav Goel
Gender and Development
by Janet Momsen
Gender Inequality at Work
by Jerry A Jacobs
Gender Planning and Development: Theory, Pra...
by Caroline Moser
Gender, Sexuality, and Intimacy: A Contexts ...
by Jodi O'Brien, Arlene Stein
Gene Pool Diversity and Crop Improvement: Vo...
by Vijay Rani Rajpal, S Rama Rao, S N Raina
General Ecology, 2/E
by David T Krohne
Generalized Linear Mixed Models: Modern Conc...
by Walter W. Stroup
Generalized Linear Models with Random Effect...
by Youngjo Lee, John A. Nelder, Yudi Pawitan
Genetic Analysis: An Integrated Approach, 2/E
by Mark Sanders, John Bowman
Genetic Manipulation of DNA and Protein: Exa...
by David Figurski
Genocide, Torture, and Terrorism: Ranking In...
by Thomas W. Simon
Genomens 4
by T. A. Brown
Geoffrey Manning Bawa: Decolonizing Architec...
by Shanti Jaywardene
Geographic Information System
by David Martin
Geoinformation: Remote Sensing
by Gottfried Konecny
Geological Approaches To Coral Reef Ecology
by Richard B Aronson
Geometry of Design: Studies in Proportion an...
by Kimberly Elam
Geomorphology: The Mechanics and Chemistry o...
by Robert S Anderson, Suzanne P Anderson
Geopolitics of the South China Sea in the Co...
by Mohd Aminul Karim
Geriatric Nursing
by Leena Myrtle Gomez
Gerontological Nursing, 8/E
by Charlotte Eliopoulos
Getting Out of the Data: Grounded Theory Con...
by Barney G Glaser
Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop, 5/E
by Michael Law, Amy Collins
GIS Applications For Water Wastewater and St...
by U M Shamsi 
GIS For Water Resources and Watershed Manage...
by John G Lyon  
GIS Series Graphs and Networks, 2/E
by Philippe Mathis
Global Communication: New Agendas in Communi...
by Karin Wilkins (Editor), Joe Straubhaar (Edi...
Global Diasporas: An Introduction
by Robin Cohen
Globalization, Culture, and Development: The...
by Christiaan De Beukelaer, M. Pyykkonen, J. S...
Globalizing India: How Global Rules and Mark...
by Aseema Sinha
Good City Form
by Kevin Lynch
Gottfried Semper and the Problem of Historicism
by Mari Hvattum
by Anne Mette Kjaer
Governance, Politics and the State
by Jon Pierre, B Guy Peters
Governing Globalization: Power Authority and...
by Anthony McGrew, David Held
Governing Metropolitan Areas: Growth and Cha...
by David K Hamilton
Gracey's Meat Hygiene, 11/E
by David S Collins, Robert J Huey
Grainger and Allison's Diagnostic Radiology ...
by Andy Adam, Adrian Dixon, Jonathan Gillard, ...
Graphene: An Introduction to the Fundamental...
by Madhuri Sharon, Maheshwar Sharon, Ashutosh ...
Green Chemistry Environmentally Benign Appro...
by Mazaahir Kidwai, Neeraj Kumar Mishra
Green Cities: Urban Growth and the Environment
by Matthew E Kahn
Groundwater Hydrology: Conceptual and Comput...
by K R Rushton
Growth and Inequality: The Contrasting Traje...
by Alexandre de Freitas Barbosa, Maria Cristin...
Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python
by Al Sweigart
Hand book Of Engineering Hydrology: Modeling...
by Saeid Eslamian
Handbook of Advanced Industrial and Hazardou...
by Lawrence K. Wang, Yung-Tse Hung, Nazih K. S...
Handbook of Foreign Language Communication a...
by Karlfried Knapp
Handbook of Hydraulics, 8/E
by James E Lindell, Wade P Moore, Horace W King
Handbook of Nanophysics: Nano Electronics a...
by Klaus D. Satter
Handbook of Offshore Engineering (2-volume set)
by Subrata Chakrabarti
Handbook of Research on Information Architec...
by George Leal Jamil, Jose Poças-Rascao
Handbook of Research on Quality Assurance an...
by Walter Nuninger, Jean-Marie Châtelet
Handbook of Sustainable Textile Production
by Marion Tobler-Rohr
Handbook of the Sociology of Racial and Ethn...
by Hernan Vera,? Joe R Feagin
Handbook of Water and Wastewater Treatment T...
by Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff
Handbook on Ingredients for Aquaculture Feeds
by J W Hertrampf, F Piedad-Pascual, Sik Lee Ong
Hazardous Waste Chemistry, Toxicology and Tr...
by Stanley E Manahan
Health Assessment in Nursing, 5/E
by Janet R Weber, Jane H Kelley
Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span, 8/E
by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Eli...
High Frequency Over-the-Horizon Radar: Funda...
by Giuseppe Aureliano Fabrizio
Historic Preservation and the Livable City
by Eric W Allison, Lauren Peters
Historic Preservation: An Introduction to It...
by Norman Tyler, Ted J Ligibel, Ilene R Tyler
Historical and Philosophical Issues in the C...
by Nicholas Price, M Kirby Talley
History of Strength of Materials
by Stephen P Timoshenko
Home Fire
by Kamila Shamsie
Hotel Design, Planning and Development, 2/E
by Richard Penner, Lawrence Adams, Stephani K ...
Housing Without Houses: Participation, Flexi...
by Nabeel Hamdi
How Our Emotions and Bodies are Vital for Ab...
by Anna Sverdlik
How to Begin Studying English Literature, 4/E
by Nicholas Marsh
How to do Discourse Analysis: A Toolkit, 2/E
by James Paul Gee
How to Study Public Life, 2/E
by Jan Gehl, Birgitte Svarre
How to Write a Better Thesis
by David Evans, Paul Gruba, Justin Zobel
How to Write Better Law Essays: Tools and Te...
by Steve Foster
Human Anatomy and Physiology, 10/E
by Elaine N Marieb, Katja Hoehn
Human Capital and Resources: Developments, M...
by Michael F Rizzo, Andrea Gallo
Human Capital in Southern Development, 1939-...
by Marshall R Colberg
Human Embryology and Developmental Biology, 5/E
by Bruce M Carlson
Human Rights Protection in the Field
by Bertrand G Ramcharan
Human Rights Protection: Methods and Effecti...
by Frances Butler
Human-Computer Interaction
by Scott MacKenzie
Humic Matter in Soil and the Environment: Pr...
by Kim H Tan
HVAC Design Manual for Hospitals and Clinics...
by American Society of Heating, Refrigerating ...
Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
by Santosh Kumar Garg
Ideas: A History of Thought and Invention, f...
by Peter Watson
Identification of Textile Fibers
by M M Houck
Identity Troubles: An Introduction
by Elliott, Anthony
Illuminating How Identities, Stereotypes and...
by D Nicole Farris, Mary Ann Davis, D'Lane R C...
Illustrating Fashion , 3/E
by Kathryn Mckelvey, Janine Munslow
Image Processing and Acquisition using Python
by Ravishankar Chityala
Impact Assessment: Practical Solutions to Re...
by David P Lawrence
Implementing Inquiry-Based Learning in Nursing
by Dankay Cleverly
Implementing Public Policy: An Introduction ...
by Michael Hill, Peter Hupe
In the Light of What We Know: A Novel
by Zia Haider Rahman
India Conquered: Britain's Raj and the Chaos...
by Jon Wilson
India's Fiscal Policy: Prescriptions, Pragma...
by Supriyo De
Industrial Biotechnology
by Shara L Aranoff, Daniel R Pearson
Industrial Cutting of Textile Materials
by Ineta Vilumsone-Nemes
Industrial Internet of Things: Cybermanufact...
by Sabina Jeschke, Christian Brecher, Houbing ...
Informal City: Caracas Case
by Alfred Brillembourg, Kristin Feireiss
Information Architecture: Designing Informat...
by A Gilchrist, Barry Mahon
Information Architecture: For the Web and Be...
by Louis Rosenfeld, P Morville
Information Architecture: The Design and Int...
by Wei Ding, Xia Lin, M Zarro
Information Retrieval: Searching in the 21st...
by Ayse Goker, John Davies
Information Systems Theory: Explaining and P...
by Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Michael R. Wade, Scott L...
Information Theory Coding and Cryptography, 2/E
by Ranjan Bose
Innovations in Digital Research Methods
by Peter J Halfpenny
Innovations in Hospital Architecture
by Stephen Verderber
Innovative CSR: From Risk Management to Valu...
by C line Louche, Samuel Idowu, Walter Filho
Inorganic Chemestry, 2/E
by James E House
Inside the Fashion Business, 7/E
by Kitty G Dickerson
Insight and Creativity in Problem Solving
by Kenneth J Gilhooly, Linden J Ball, Laura Ma...
Integrated Library Systems: Planning, Select...
by Desiree Webber, Andrew Peters
Interactive Exercises for Cross-Cultural Psy...
by David C Devonis
Intercultural Communication for Global Busin...
by Elizabeth A Tuleja
Interfacing Geostatstics and GIS
by Juergen Pilz
International Business
by Oded Shenkar, Yadong Luo, Tailan Chi
International Business, 4/E
by S Tamer Cavusgil, Gary Knight, John Riesenb...
International Business: Perspectives from De...
by K Praveen Parboteeah, John B Cullen
International Business: Theory and Practice
by Riad Ajami, Jason G Goddard
International Corporate Governance: A Compar...
by Thomas Clarke
International Entrepreneurship, 3/E
by Robert D Hisrich
International Finance, 5/E
by Maurice D Levi
International Handbook of Research on Teache...
by Helenrose Fives, Michele Gregoire Gill
International Handbook of Survey Methodology
by Edith D De Leeuw, Joop Hox, Don Dillman
International Librarianship: A Basic Guide t...
by Robert D Stueart
International Librarianship: Developing Prof...
by Constantia Constantinou, Michael J Miller, ...
International Macroeconomics and Finance: Th...
by Nelson C Mark
International Ocean Law: Materials And Comme...
by Ted L McDorman, Alexander J Bolla, John A D...
International Trade
by Robert C Feenstra, Alan M Taylor
Interpersonal Relationships: Professional Co...
by Elizabeth C Arnold, Kathleen Underman Boggs
Introducing Geomorphology: A Guide to Landfo...
by Adrian Harvey
Introducing Human Geographies
by Paul cloke, Philip Crang
Introducing Sociolinguistics
by Miriam Meyerhoff
Introduction to Academic Writing Level 3, 3/E
by Alice Oshima, Ann Hogue
Introduction to Agricultural Economics, 7/E
by John B. Penson Oral Capps , Jr. C. Parr Ros...
Introduction to Biomedical Equipment Technol...
by Joseph J Carr, John M Brown
Introduction to Coastal Processes and Geomor...
by Gerd Masselink, Michael Hughes, Jasper Knight
Introduction to Community-Based Nursing, 5/E
by Roberta Hunt
Introduction to Computing and Programming in...
by Mark J Guzdial, Barbara Ericson
Introduction to Computing Systems: From Bits...
by Yale N Patt, Sanjay J Patel
Introduction to Credit Risk Modeling, 2/E
by Christian Bluhm, Ludger Overbeck, Christoph...
Introduction to Genomics 3/E
by Arthur Lesk
Introduction to Genomics, 2/E
by Arthur M Lesk
Introduction to Geography, 15/E
by Arthur Getis, Mark Bjelland, Victoria Getis
Introduction to Human Factors and Ergonomics...
by Mark R Lehto, Steven J Landry
Introduction to Human Factors and Ergonomics...
by Robert Bridger
Introduction to Infrared and Raman Spectrosc...
by N B Colthup, L H Daly, S E Wiberley
Introduction to Java Programming, Comprehens...
by Y Daniel Liang
Introduction to Medical-Surgical Nursing, 5/E
by Adriann Dill Liton
Introduction to Meteorology
by Sverre Petterssen
Introduction to Microbiology: A Case-History...
by John L Ingraham, Catherine A Ingraham
Introduction to Nanocomposite Materials: Pro...
by Thomas E, Twardowski
Introduction to Plant Tissue Culture, 3/E
by M K Razdan
Introduction to Programming with C++, 3/E
by Y Daniel Liang
Introduction to Public Health, 3/E
by Mary Louise Fleming, Elizabeth Parker
Introduction to Research Methods in Educatio...
by Keith F Punch, AlisOancea
Introduction to Satellite Communication, 3/E
by Bruce Elbert
Introduction to Signal and System Analysis
by Kaliappan Gopalan
Introduction to Solid Mechanics: An Integrat...
by Jacob Lubliner, Panayiotis Papadopoulos
Introductory Gerontological Nursing
by Sally S Roach
Introductory Maternity Nursing
by Jayne N Klossmer
Investigative Journalism
by Hugo de Burgh (Author, Editor)
Investigative Reporting: A Study in Technique
by David Spark
Islam in the West: Perceptions and Reactions
by Abe W Ata, Jan A Ali
Islam in the World, 3/E
by Malise Ruthven
Islamic Banking and Financial Crisis: Reputa...
by Habib Ahmed, Mehmet Asutay, Rodney Wilson
Islamophobia and Radicalization: Breeding In...
by John L Esposito, Derya Iner
Issues in Political Theory, 3/E
by Catriona Mckinnon
Java A Beginner's Guide, 7/E
by Herbert Schildt
Java How To Program (Early Objects), 11/E
by Harvey Deitel, Paul Deitel
Java Software Solutions: Foundations of Prog...
by John Lewis,William Loftus
Java Software Structures: Designing and Usin...
by John Lewis,Joseph Chase
Java: How to Program (Late Objects), 10/E
by Harvey Deitel, Paul Deitel
JAVA: The Complete Reference, 8/E
by Herbert Schildt
John Donne: Coterie Poet
by Arthur F Marotti
by Kamila Shamsie
Knitting Pattern Essentials: Adapting and Dr...
by Sally Melville
Knowledge Management: Value Creation Through...
by Klaus North, Gita Kumta
Kozier and Erb's Fundamentals of Nursing, 9/E
by Audrey Berman, Shirlee Snyder
Lab Manual and Workbook for Physical Anthrop...
by Diane L France
Land Use and Land Use Planning in Bangladesh
by Hugh Brammer
by Annabelle Mooney, Betsy Evans
Language and Schizophrenia
by Valentina Cardella
Languages and Machines: An Introduction to t...
by Thomas A Sudkamp
Latin American Modern Architectures
by Patricio del Real, Helen Gyger
Law Among Nations:An Introduction to Public ...
by Gerhard von Glahn, James Larry Taulbee
Le Nouveau Taxi! Vol- 1: Methode de francais
by Guy Capelle, Robert Menand
Leadership in Public Organizations: An Intro...
by Montgomery Van Wart
Leadership Roles and Management Functions in...
by Bessie L Marquis, Carol J Huston
Learning Drupal 8
by Nick Abbott
Learning PHP, MySQL and Java Script with jQu...
by Robin Nixon
Learning R Programming
by Kun Ren
Learning To Program with Alice, 3/E
by Wanda P Dann, Stephen Cooper, Randy Pausch
Letters of Blood
by Rizia Rahman, Arunava Sinha
Lewin's GENES XII, 12/E
by Jocelyn E Krebs, Elliott S Goldstein, Steph...
Liberation Ecologies
by Richard Peet, Michael Watts
Librarian's Guide to Online Searching: Culti...
by Suzanne S Bell
Libraries and Learning Resource Centres, 2/E
by Brian Edwards
Libraries in the Information Age: An Introdu...
by Denise K Fourie, Nancy E Loe
Library Classification Trends in the 21st Ce...
by Rajendra Kumbhar
Library Information and Resource Sharing: Tr...
by Beth Posner
Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and ...
by George Gilder
Life Between Buildings: Using Public Space, 6/E
by Jan Gehl
Lignocellulose-Based Bioproducts
by Keikhosro Karimi
Limit States Design in Structural Steel
by G. L. Kulak, G.Y. Grondin
Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice, 10/E
by Sandra M Nettina
Literacy for Citizenship: Gender and Grassro...
by Nelly P Stromquist
Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals, 5/E
by Morris Mano, Charles Kime, Tom Martin
Logo Modernism
by Jens Müller, R Roger Remington
Looking at Languages: A Workbook in Elementa...
by Paul R Frommer, Edward Finegan
Low Invasion Coring
by J B Bloys, H R Warner
Machine Learning for Audio, Image and Video ...
by Francesco Camastra, Alessandro Vinciarelli
Magic Witchcraft and Religion: A Reader in t...
by Pamela Moro, James Myers
Major Legal Systems in the World Today
by David Brierley
Make: Electronics: Learning Through Discovery
by Charles Platt
Make: Paper Inventions: Machines that Move, ...
by Kathy Ceceri
Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects: Build Inv...
by Jack Challoner,? Jack Andraka
Making Hard Decisions: An Introduction to De...
by Robert T Clemen
Making New Nepal: From Student Activism to M...
by Amanda Therese Snellinger
Management Across Cultures: Challenges and S...
by Richard M Steers, Carlos J Sanchez-Runde, L...
Management of Organizations: Strategy, Struc...
by J B Barney, R W Griffin
Managing Archives and Archival Institutions
by James Gregory Bradsher
Managing Library Technology: A LITA Guide
by Carson Block
Manufacturing Planning and Control Systems, 4/E
by Thomas E Vollmann, William L Berry, D Clay ...
Marine Geology
by James P Kennett
Marine Insurance Law
by Ozlem Gurses
Marine Microbiology: Ecology and Applications
by Colin Munn
Marine Structures Engineering: Specialized A...
by Gregory Tsinker
Mass Media, Politics and Democracy
by John Street
Massacre: The Tragedy at Bangla Desh and the...
by Robert Payne
Mastering Drupal 8 Views
by Gregg Marshall
Mastering PHP 7
by Branko Ajzele
Material Immaterial: The New Work of Kengo Kuma
by Botond Bognar
Maternal Child Nursing Care, 6/E
by Shannon E Perry, Marilyn J Hockenberry
Maternity and Women's Health Care, 10/E
by Kathryn Rhodes Alden, Deitra Leonard Lowder...
Mathematical Bioeconomics: The Mathematics o...
by Colin W Clark
Mathematical Methods For Physics
by H.W. Wyld
Mathematical Modelling in Solid Mechanics
by Francesco dell'Isola, Mircea Sofonea, David...
Mathematical Models of Electrical Network Sy...
by Andrzej Klos
MATLAB® Recipes for Earth Sciences
by Martin Trauth, E. Sillmann, R. Gebbers
Mayes' Midwifery, 15/E
by Sue Macdonald, Gail Johnson
Mechanics for Materials and Technologies
by Holm Altenbach, Robert V Goldstein, Evgenii...
Mechanisms and Robots Analysis with MATLAB®
by Dan B Marghitu
Mechanisms of Gene Regulation
by Carsten Carlberg, Ferdinand Molnar
Media and Class: TV, Film, and Digital Culture
by June Deery, Andrea Press
Media and Communication Research Methods: An...
by Arthur Asa Berger
Media and Society, 5/E
by James Curran
Media Law and Ethics
by Roy L. Moore, Michael D. Murray
Media Management and Economics Research in a...
by Alan B. Albarran (Editor)
Medical Entomology: A Textbook on Public Hea...
by B F Eldridge, J D Edman
Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology
by Nayan Joshi
Medical Parasitology: A Self-Instructional T...
by Ruth Leventhal, Russell F Cheadle
Medical Sociology, 14/E
by William C Cockerham
Medically Important Fungi: A Guide to Identi...
by Davise H Larone
Medicinal Plants Chemical Constituents and U...
by Abdul Ghani
Medicinal Plants of Bangladesh
by M R Kuddus
Megacities: Our Global Urban Future
by Fraukeraas, Surinder Aggarwal, Martin Coy, ...
Mental Health Issues and the Media: An Intro...
by Gary Morris
Method Validation in Pharmaceutical Analysis...
by Joachim Ermer, H McB Miller
Methods in Field Epidemiology
by Pia D M MacDonald
Methods of Critical Discourse Analysis, 2/E
by Ruth Wodak, Michael Meyer
Methods of Demographic Analysis
by Farhat Yusuf, Jon Martins, David A Swanson
Metropolis 1890-1940
by Anthony Sutcliffe
Microprocessors and Interfacing, (SIE) 3/E
by Douglas V Hall, Sssp Rao
Microscale Soft Robotics: Motivations, Progr...
by Jaeyoun (Jay) Kim
Microwave MESFETS and HEMTs
by Michael Golio
Midwifery: Community Based Health Care Durin...
by Linda V Walsh
Migration, Illness and Healthcare
by Jenny Altschuler
Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in We...
by Erich Auerbach
Minerals in Thin Section, 2/E
by Dexter Perkins, Kevin R Henke
Missile Guidance and Control Systems
by George M. Siouris
Misunderstanding Asia: International Relatio...
by Gilbert Rozman
Modeling Monetary Economies, 4/E
by Bruce Champ, Scott Freeman, Joseph Haslag
Modelling and Control of Robot Manipulators
by Lorenzo Sciavicco, Bruno Siciliano
Modelling of Mechanical Systems: Structural ...
by Francois Axisa, Philippe Trompette
Modern Operating Systems, 4/E
by Andrew S Tanenbaum
Modern South Asia: History
by Sugata Bose, Ayesha Jalal
Modernity At Large: Cultural Dimensions of G...
by Arjun Appadurai
Molecular and Diagnostic Procedures in Mycop...
by Joseph G Tully, Shmuel Razin
Molecular Biotechnology: Principles and Appl...
by Bernard R Glick, Jack J Pasternak, Cheryl L...
Molecular Methods in Plant Disease Diagnosti...
by N Boonham, J Tomlinson, R Mumford
Money Payments and Liquidity, 2/E
by Ed Nosal, Guillaume Rocheteau
Monopsony in Motion – Imperfect Competition ...
by Alan Manning
Mortality Table Construction
by Robert W Batten
Mosby's Clinical Nursing, 5/E
by June M Thompson, Gertrude K McFarland, Jane...
Motherhood: A Novel
by Sheila Heti
Multicast Communication: Protocols, Programm...
by Ralph, Wittmann
Munro's Statistical Methods for Health Care ...
by Stacey Plichta Kellar, Elizabeth Kelvin
Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography in Rheumatic...
by Yasser El Miedany (Editor)
Muslim Americans: Debating the notions of Am...
by Nahid Afrose Kabir
Muslims In Australia: : Immigration, Race Re...
by Nahid Kabir
Nanocellulose, Cellulose Nanofibers and Cell...
by Md Ibrahim H Mondal
Nanotechnology in Biology and Medicine: Meth...
by Tuan Vo-Dinh
Nation and Narration
by Homi K Bhabha
Nations Unbound
by Linda Basch, Nina Glick Schiller, Cristina ...
Natural Disasters and Climate Change
by Stephane Hallegatte
Natural Resource Economics: Conservation and...
by Philip A Neher
Negotiation Dynamics of the WTO: An Insider’...
by Mohan Kumar
Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, 2-Volume Set,...
by Robert M Kliegman, Bonita Stanton, Joseph S...
New Developments in Allelopathy Research
by Julia E Price
New Product Development in Textiles: Innovat...
by L Horne
Newborn Surgery
by Prem Puri
Nothingness: Tadao Ando's Christian Sacred S...
by Jin Baek
Notter's Essentials of Nursing Research, 6/E
by Jacqueline Hott, Wendy Budin
Nuclear Energy: An Introduction to the Conce...
by Raymond Murray, Keith E Holbert
Nuclear Reactor Engineering, 4/E
by Samuel Glasstone, Alexander Sesonske
Nuclear Reactor Engineering: Reactor Systems...
by Samuel Glasstone
Nuclear Safety
by Gianni Petrangeli
Numerical Mathematical Analysis, 6/E
by James B Scarborough
Numerical Methods for Engineers, 7/E
by Steven Chapra, Raymond Canale
Numerical Methods for Engineers, 7/E
by Steven C Chapra, Raymond P Canale
Nursing for Wellness in Older Adults, 6/E
by Carol A Miller
Nursing Leadership and Management, 3/E
by Patricia Kelly
Nutrition for Health and Healthcare, 5/E
by Linda Kelly DeBruyne, Kathryn Pinna
Nutrition of Crop Plants
by M A Baset Mia
Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applica...
by Michele Grodner, Sylvia Escott-Stump, Suzan...
OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I Exam Guide (Exams...
by Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates
Occupational Ergonomics: Theory and Applicat...
by Amit Bhattacharya, James D McGlothlin
On Growth and Form
by DArcy Wentworth Thompson
On Writing, Editing, and Publishing: Essays ...
by Jacques Barzun, Morris Philipson
Open Pit Mine Planning and Design, Two volum...
by William A. Hustrulid, Mark Kuchta, Randall...
OpenIntro Statistics, 3/E
by David M Diez, Christopher D Barr, Mine Ceti...
Operating System Concepts, 9/E
by Abraham Silberschatz, Peter B Galvin, Greg ...
Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces
by Remzi H Arpaci-Dusseau, Andrea C Arpaci-Dus...
Operational Amplifiers: Theory and Design, 3/E
by Johan Huijsing
Operative Pediatric Surgery, 2/E
by Moritz M Ziegler
Optimal Control Theory and Static Optimizati...
by Daniel Leonard, Ngo Van Long
Optimization of Power System Operation, 2/E
by Jizhong Zhu
Organic Chemistry, 2/E
by Jonathan Clayden, Nick Greeves, Stuart Warren
Organizing Knowledge: An Introduction to Man...
by Jennifer Rowley, Richard Hartley
Origins: Fourteen Billion Years of Cosmic Ev...
by Neil deGrasse Tyson, Donald Goldsmith
Orthopaedic Nursing, 3/E
by Ann Butler Maher, Susan Warner Salmond, Ter...
Our Origins: Discovering Physical Anthropolo...
by Clark Spencer Larsen
ovaDomestic Violence: Prevalence, Risk Facto...
by Mitchell Ortiz
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy, 2/E
by Philip Wiffen, Marc Mitchell, Melanie Snell...
Oxford Handbook of Practical Drug Therapy, 2/E
by Duncan Richards, Jeffrey Aronson, John Reyn...
palGlobalization, War, and Peace in the Twen...
by W. Nester
Particulate Emission from Agricultural Waste
by Huda Muhammad Nurul, Rashid Mohd
Pathology and Intervention in Musculoskeleta...
by David J Magee, James E Zachazewski, William...
Pathophysiology: Adaptations and Alterations...
by Barbara L Bullock
Pathophysiology: Foundations of Disease and ...
by Margie Hansen
Patternmaking for a Perfect Fit: Using the R...
by SteffaniLincecum
Pearson Reviews and Rationales: Pathophysiol...
by Maryann Hogan
Pedagogies for Student-Centered Learning: On...
by Cari Crumly, Pamela Dietz, Sarah Angelo
Pediatric Nursing, 2/E
by Parul Datta
Pediatric Nursing: Caring for Children and T...
by Nicki L Potts, Barbara L Mandleco
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, 2/E
by K Sambamurthy
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
by Jill Barber, Chris Rostron
Pharmaceutical Process Scale-Up, 3/E
by Michael Levin
by Milo Gibaldi, Donald Perrier
Pharmacology: A Patient-Centered Nursing Pro...
by Joyce LeFever Kee, Evelyn R Hayes, Linda E ...
Philosophical Logic
by John P Burgess
Philosophy of Logic, 2/E
by W V Quine
Phipps' Medical-Surgical Nursing: Health and...
by Frances Monahan, Judith K Sands, Marianne N...
Photojournalism: The Professionals' Approach
by Kenneth Kobre
Photonic Crystal Fibers
by Anders Bjarklev, Jes Broeng, Araceli Sanche...
PHP 7 Data Structures and Algorithms
by Mizanur Rahman
PHP and MySQL: Server-side Web Development
by Jon Duckett
Physical Anthropology, 11/E
by Philip Stein, Bruce Rowe
Physical Geography: The Global Environment
by Joseph Mason, Jason Burt, Peter Muller, Har...
Physical Security Systems Handbook: The Desi...
by Michael Khairallah
Physical Testing of Textiles
by B P Saville
Plant Pathology
by P D Sharma
Plant Tissue Culture, Development, and Biote...
by Robert N. Trigiano, Dennis J. Gray
Plastics Additives and Testing
by Muralisrinivasan Natamai Subramanian
Playing With Fire: Feminist Thought And Acti...
by Sangtin Writers, Richa Nagar
Pluralizing Plagiarism: Identities, Contexts...
by Rebecca Howard, Amy Robillard
Policy, Planning, and People: Promoting Just...
by Naomi Carmon, Susan S Fainstein
Political Liberalism
by John Rawls
Political Thought and China’s Transformation...
by H. Li
Politics: The Basics
by Nigel Jackson, Stephen D Tansey
Polymer Testing: New Instrumental Methods
by Muralisrinivasan Natamai Subramanian
Post-Colonial Studies: The Key Concepts, 3/E
by Bill Ashcroft, Gareth Griffiths, Helen Tiffin
Post-genomic Approaches in Drug and Vaccine ...
by Kishore R Sakharkar, Meena Sakharkar, Rames...
Postfeminism: Cultural Texts and Theories, 2/E
by Stéphanie Genz
Postmodern Narrative Theory, 2/E
by Mark Currie
Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Lat...
by Fredric Jameson
Power and Choice: An Introduction to Politic...
by W Phillips Shively
Power Generation, Operation and Control, 3/E
by Allen J Wood, Bruce F Wollenberg, Gerald B ...
Power System Analysis and Stability
by S S Vadhera
Power System Dynamics and Stability: With Sy...
by Peter W Sauer, M A Pai, Joe H Chow
Power System Dynamics: Stability and Control...
by Jan Machowski, Janusz Bialek,Jim Bumby
Power System Protection and Switchgear, 2/E
by Badri Ram, D Vishwakarma
Power Systems and Renewable Energy: Design, ...
by Gary D Price
Practical Cookery, 13/E
by David Foskett
Practical Newspaper Reporting
by David Spark, Geoffrey Harris
Practical Soil Dynamics: Case Studies in Ear...
by Milutin Srbulov
Practical Statistics for Nursing and Health ...
by Jim Fowler, Phil Jarvis, Mel Chevannes
Practising Research: Why you’re always part ...
by Nollaig Frost
Practitioner's Handbook on International Arb...
by Richard Chernick,? Barbara Reeves Neal,? Da...
Prelude to Programming: Concepts and Design,...
by Stewart Venit, Elizabeth Drake
Pricing in General Insurance
by Pietro Parodi
Primary Care Centres, 2/E
by Geoffrey Purves
Principle of Avionics, 9/E
by Albert Helfrick, Len Buckwalter
Principles and Practice of Clinical Parasito...
by Stephen Gillespie, Richard D Pearson
Principles and Practice of Waste Encapsulation
by Jack A Caldwell, Charles Reith
Principles and Practices of Assessment: A gu...
by Ann Gravells
Principles and Practices of Navigation
by A Frost
Principles and Practices of Quality Assuranc...
by Ann Gravells
Principles of Agricultural Economics: Market...
by David Colman, Trevor Young
Principles of Biochemical Toxicology, 4/E
by John A Timbrell
Principles of Corporate Finance Law, 2/E
by Eilis Ferran, Look Chan Ho
Principles of Criminology, 11/E
by Edwin H Sutherland, Donald R Cressey, David...
Principles of Digital Image Processing: Fund...
by Wilhelm Burger, Mark J Burge
Principles of Engineering Analysis
by Robert C Degeneff, M Harry Hesse
Principles of Environmental Economics and Su...
by Ahmed M Hussen
Principles of Environmental Engineering and ...
by Mackenzie L Davis, Susan J Masten
Principles of Foundation Engineering, 8/E
by Braja M Das
Principles of Geomorphology, 2/E
by William D Thornbury
Principles of Protein X-Ray Crystallography,...
by Jan Drenth
Principles of Proteomics
by Richard Twyman
Principles of Soil Chemistry
by Kim H. Tan
Principles of Virology,(2 Volumes Set)
by S. Jane Flint, Lynn W. Enquist, Vincent R. ...
Privacy, Security and Information Management...
by Andrew Benjamin Serwin, John Tomaszewski, P...
Problem Solving and Program Design in C, 8/E
by Jeri R Hanly, Elliot B Koffman
Problem Solving and Programming Concepts, 9/E
by Maureen Sprankle, Jim Hubbard
Problems in Structural Identification and Di...
by Cesare Davini, Erasmo Viola
Production and Operations Analysis, 7/E
by Steven Nahmias, Tava Lennon Olsen
Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sk...
by Simon Monk
Programming in ANSI C, 7/E
by E Balagurusamy
Programming Kotlin
by Stephen Samuel, Stefan Bocutiu
Project Management: Planning and Control Tec...
by Rory Burke
Pros and Cons: A Debaters Handbook,19/E
by Debbie Newman, Trevor Sather, Ben Woolgar
Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, 5/E
by Katherine M Fortinash, Patricia A Holoday W...
Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, 7/E
by Sheila L Videbeck
Psychiatric Nursing Care Plans, 5/E
by Katherine M Fortinash, Patricia Holoday Wo...
Psychology and Crime: An Introduction to Cri...
by Clive R. Hollin
Psychology and Work Today
by Duane Schultz, Sydney Ellen Schultz
Psychology in Action, 10/E
by Karen Huffman
Public Administration
by Herbert A Simon
Public Administration as a Developing Discip...
by Robert T Golembiewski
Public Administration as a Developing Discip...
by Robert T Golembiewski
Public Administration in a Globalizing World
by Bidyut Chakrabarty, Prakash Chand
Public Administration: An Introduction
by Marc Holzer, Richard W Schwester
Public Administration: Classic Readings, 7/E
by Jay M Shafritz, Albert C Hyde
Public Administration: Partnerships in Publi...
by William C Johnson
Public Interest Environmental Litigation in ...
by Jona Razzaque
Public Policy and Private Interest
by J.A. Chandler
Public Service Values
by Richard C Box
Public Transport: Its Planning Management an...
by Peter R White
Purdah to Piccadilly: A Muslim Woman’s Strug...
by Zarina Bhatty
Python For Data Analysis : Data Wrangling Wi...
by Wes McKinney
Python Machine Learning, 2/E
by Sebastian Raschka, Vahid Mirjalili
Qualitative Data Analysis: A Methods Sourceb...
by Matthew B Miles, A Michael Huberman, Johnny...
Qualitative Research Design: An Interactive ...
by Joseph A Maxwell
Qualitative Research in Information Systems:...
by Michael David Myers, David E Avison
Qualitative Research: A Guide to Design and ...
by Sharan B Merriam, Elizabeth J Tisdell
Quality Assurance for Textiles and Apparel, 2/E
by Sara J Kadolph
Quality Assurance in an International Higher...
by Andrea Bernhard
Quality Assurance in Higher Education: A Stu...
by David Lim
Quality Assurance in Higher Education: Conte...
by Maria Joao Rosa, A Amaral
Quality Assurance in Higher Education: Trend...
by Don F Westerheijden, Bjorn Stensaker, Maria...
Quality Control, 7/E
by Dale H Besterfield
Quantifying Sustainable Development: The Fut...
by Charles A S Hall, Patrick Van Laake, Carlos...
Quantitative Business Analysis: Text and Cases
by Samuel E Bodily
Quantum Information
by Stephen Barnett
Quantum Mechanics Demystified, 2/E
by David McMahon
Quinn's Principles and Practice of Nurse Edu...
by Francis Quinn, Suzanne Hughes
Rad Women Worldwide
by Kate Schatz, Miriam Klein Stahl
Radiology Secrets Plus, 3/E
by E Scott Pretorius, Jeffrey A Solomon
Rafael Moneo: International Portfolio 1985-2012
by Juan Antonio Cortes, Duccio Malagamba
Reactive Dyes for Textile Fibres
by A Hunter M Renfrew
Reading and Study Skills, 10/E
by John Langan
Reading Images: The Grammar of Visual Design...
by Gunther Kress, Theo van Leeuwen
Readings in Human Resource Management, 2/E
by John R Hollenbeck, Barry Gerhart, Patrick M...
Real-Time Systems
by Jane W S Liu
Reason and Tradition in Islamic Ethics
by George F. Hourani
Reassessing the Relationship between Marketi...
by Lisa Duhring
Reflective Practice in Nursing, 5/E
by Chris Bulman, Sue Schutz
Regulation of Gene Expression
by Gary H Perdew, Jack P Vanden Heuvel, Jeffre...
Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction, 2/E
by Richard S Sutton, Andrew G Barto, Francis Bach
Reinventing Reference: How Libraries Deliver...
by Katie Elson Anderson, Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic
Remote Sensing and GIS Technologies for Moni...
by Shailesh Nayak
Remote Sensing GIS and Wetland Management
by Dr Millea Cooke
Remote Sensing of Land Use and Land Cover: P...
by Chandra P Giri
Remote Sensing of Vegetation: Principles, Te...
by Hamlyn G Jones, Robin A Vaughan
Renewable Energy Engineering
by Nicholas Jenkins, Janaka Ekanayake
Reporting Disaster on Deadline: A Handbook f...
by Lee Wilkins, Martha Steffens, Esther Thorso...
by Plato, Robin Waterfield
Research Methodology in Nursing
by V Nirmala, J Silvia Edison, M S Sunil
Research Methods and Statistics for Public a...
by Masami Nishishiba, Matthew Jones, Mariah ...
Research Methods in Education: An Introducti...
by William Wiersma, Stephen G Jurs
Research Methods in Health, 4/E
by Ann Bowling
Research Methods in Information, 2/E
by Alison Jane Pickard
Resource Sharing in Libraries: Concepts, Pro...
by Marshall Breeding
Responsible Governance: A Case Study Approach
by Steven G. Koven
Rethinking Education in the Age of Technolog...
by Allan Collins, Richard Halverson
Rethinking Journalism Again: Societal Role a...
by Chris Peters (Editor), Marcel Broersma (Edi...
RF and Microwave Applications and Systems
by Mike Golio, Janet Golio
Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their...
by Robert T Kiyosaki, Sharon L Lechter
Risk Analysis in Finance and Insurance
by Alexander Melnikov
Risk and Crisis Management in the Public Sec...
by Lynn T Drennan, Allan McConnell, Alastair Star
Risk Governance:Coping with Uncertainty in a...
by Ortwin Renn
Risk Management: Concepts and Guidance, 5/E
by Carl L Pritchard
Robot Operating System (ROS): The Complete R...
by Anis Koubaa
Robust Statistics: Theory and Methods
by Ricardo A Maronna, Douglas R Martin, Victor...
Rock Mechanics and Engineering (5 Volume set)
by Xia- Ting Feng
Rosie Revere's Big Project Book for Bold Eng...
by Andrea Beaty, David Roberts
Routledge Handbook of Heritage in Asia
by Patrick Daly, Tim Winter
Runaway World: How Globalization is Reshapin...
by Anthony Giddens
Rural Studio: Samuel Mockbee and an Architec...
by Andrea Oppenheimer Dean, Timothy Hursley
Sailing Against The Wind
by Erik Jensen, Trygve Bolstad
Sampling Techniques, 3/E
by William G Cochran
Sands of the Brahmaputra River Basin
by Mohammad Nazim Zaman, Md Aminur Rahman, Pra...
Sarah Kane: Complete Plays: Blasted; Phaedra...
by Sarah Kane
Satellite Communications
by Anil K Maini
Satellite Meteorology
by R R Kelkar
Saunders Nursing Drug Handbook 2014
by Barbara B Hodgson, Robert J Kizior
Schaum's Outline of Computer Architecture
by Nick Carter
Schaum's Outline of Computer Networking
by Ed Tittel, B Muthukumaran
Schaum's Outline of Principles of Computer S...
by Carl Reynolds, Paul Tymann
Schaum's Outline of Programming with C++, 3/E
by John R Hubbard, Atul Kahate
Schaum’s Outline of Computer Graphics, 2/E
by Zhigang Xiang, Roy A Plastock
School Design Together
by Pamela Woolner
Scrum and XP from the Trenches
by Henrik Kniberg
Secure Programming with Static Analysis
by Brian Chess, Jacob West
Security Strategies in the Asia-Pacific: The...
by A. Tan
Sedimentary Environments: Processes, Facies ...
by H G Reading
Seed Production: Principles and Practices
by Miller F McDonald, Lawrence O Copeland
Selecting and Implementing an Integrated Lib...
by Richard Jost
Semiconductor Device Fundamentals with Compu...
by Robert F Pierret
Shadow Cities: A Billion Squatters, a New Ur...
by Robert Neuwirth
Shakespeare, Einstein, and the Bottom Line
by David L Kirp, Elizabeth Popp Berman, Jeffre...
Ship Performance: Some Technical and Commerc...
by C N Hughes
Ships and Offshore Structures
by Carlos Guedes Soares, Y. Garbatov
Show Me the Money: Writing Business and Econ...
by Chris Roush
Signal and Power Integrity - Simplified, 2/E
by Eric Bogatin
Signals and Linear Systems, 3/E
by Robert A Gabel, Richard A Roberts
Signals and Systems
by Gopalan Kallappan
Signals and Systems, 2/E
by Alan V Oppenheim, Alan S Willsky
Signals and Systems: A MATLAB Integrated App...
by Oktay Alkin
Signals, Systems, and Transforms, 4/E
by Charles L Phillips
Silent Selling Best Practices and Effective ...
by Judith Bell, Kate Ternus
Simplified Irrigation Design, 2/E
by Pete Melby
Site Surveying and Levelling
by John Clancy
Small and Decentralized Wastewater Managemen...
by Ronald W Crites, George Tchobanoglous
Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People M...
by E F Schumacher
Smart Sensors and Sensing Technology
by Gourab Sen Gupta
Smith, Bailey and Gunn on the Modern English...
by Stephen Bailey, Michael Gunn, Nick Taylor, ...
Social Entrepreneurship and Social Business:...
by Christine K. Volkmann, Kim Oliver Tokarski,...
Social Marketing and Social Change
by R Craig Lefebvre
Social Network Analysis Methods and Applicat...
by Stanley Wasserman, Katherine Faust
Social Policy and Human Rights: Rethinking t...
by Dean Hartley
Social Psychology
by Kenneth S Bordens, Irwin A Horowitz
Social Robots from a Human Perspective
by Jane Vincent, Sakari Taipale, Bartolomeo Sapio
Social Science: An Introduction to the Study...
by Elgin F. Hunt, David C. Colander
Social Thought: From Hammurabi To Comte
by Rollin Chambliss
Software Measurement and Estimation: A pract...
by Linda M Laird, M Carol Brennan
Software Metrics: A Rigorous and Practical A...
by Norman Fenton, James Bieman
Soil Mechanics and Foundations, 17/E
by Bc Punmia, Ashok Kumar Jain, Arun K Jain
Something New Under the Sun
by J R McNeill
Sound Science, Junk Policy: Environmental He...
by Michele Morrone, Timothy W Lohner
Sound System Engineering
by Don Davis, Eugene Patronis, Pat Brown
South Asia's Cold War: Nuclear Weapons and C...
by Rajesh M. Basrur
Space Architecture: The New Frontier for Des...
by Neil Leach
Space Weather and Telecommunications
by John M Goodman
Specialist Yarn and Fabric Structures: Devel...
by R H Gong
Speech and Language Processing, 2/E
by Daniel Jurafsky, James H Martin
Sports Facilities and Technologies
by Peter Culley, John Pascoe
Stability and Safety of Ships: Risk of Capsi...
by V L Belenky, N B Sevastianov
Stadia: The Populous Design and Development ...
by Geraint John, Rod Sheard, Ben Vickery
Stand and Deliver: How to Become a Masterful...
by Dale Carnegie Training
Statistics for Research: With a Guide to SPS...
by George Argyrous
Strategic Management Accounting
by Keith Ward
Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick: People, Pr...
by Chris Bradley, Martin Hirt, Sven Smit
Stratification: Social Division and Inequality
by Wendy Bottero
Strong Managers, Strong Owners: Corporate Go...
by Harry Korine, Pierre-Yves Gomez
Structure Elucidation by Modern NMR: A Workb...
by Helmut Duddeck, Wolfgang Dietrich, Gabor Toth
Studying Politics: An Introduction to Politi...
by Rand Dyck, Christopher G Anderson
Suicide: A Study In Sociology
by Emile Durkheim, George Simpson, John A Spau...
Summer of Hate
by Chris Kraus
Surprised by Sin: The Reader in Paradise Los...
by Stanley Fish
Sustainability Principles and Practice, 2/E
by Margaret Robertson
Sustainability the Environment and Urbanisation
by Cedric Pugh
Sustainable Communities
by Terry Marsden
Sustainable Development and Quality Assuranc...
by Z Fadeeva, L Galkute, C Mader, G Scott, Si...
Sustainable Fashion and Textiles, 2/E
by Kate Fletcher
Sustainable Preservation
by Jean Carroon, Richard Moe
System Analysis and Design Methods, 7/E
by Jeffrey L Whitten, Lonnie D Bentley
Tall Building Structures: Analysis and Design
by Bryan Stafford Smith
Teaching and Learning in Virtual Environment...
by Patricia C Franks, Lori A Bell, Rhonda B Tr...
Teaching Critical Thinking: Practical Wisdom
by Bell Hooks
Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Lang...
by Marianne Celce-Murcia, Donna M Brinton, Mar...
Teaching in Nursing: A Guide for Faculty, 4/E
by Diane M Billings, Judith A Halstead
Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics,...
by Frederick E Giesecke, Alva Mitchell, Henry ...
Technics and Civilization
by Lewis Mumford, Langdon Winner
Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years
by Chip Donohue
Technology and Human Development
by Ilse Oosterlaken
Technology Entrepreneurship and Business Inc...
by Phillip H Phan, Sarfraz A Mian, Wadid Lamine
Temples of the Indus
by Michael W Meister
Terrorism and Counterterrorism, 6/E
by Brigitte L Nacos
by Test
Texbook of Nursing Education
by K P Neeraja
Textbook of Organic Chemistry
by V K Ahluwalia, Rakesh K Parashar
Textbook of Organic Chemistry
by C. N. Pillai
Textbook of Sociology for Nurses
by T K Indrani
Textile Finishing
by Derek Heywood
Textile Futures: Fashion, Design and Technology
by Bradley Quinn
Textile Printing, 2/E
by Leslie W C Miles
Textile Processing with Enzymes
by A. Cavaco-Paulo
Textiles and Clothing Sustainability: Sustai...
by Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu
Textiles and Fashion: Materials, Design and ...
by Rose Sinclair
The 3D Printing Encyclopedia: Everything You...
by William J Garnett
The Age of the Platform
by Phil Simon, Mitch Joel
The Aid Effect: Ethnographies of Development...
by David Moss, David Lewis
The Analysis of Time Series: An Introduction
by Chris Chatfield
The Anti-Aesthetic: Essays on Postmodern Cul...
by Hal Foster
The Architecture of Art Museums
by Ronnie Self
The Art of Building Cities: City Building Ac...
by Camillo Sitte, Charles T Stewart
The Art of Manipulating Fabric
by Colette Wolff
The Art of Mesoamerica: From Olmec to Aztec,...
by Mary Ellen Miller
The Art of Public Speaking, 12/E
by Stephen Lucas
The Art of Unit Testing: with examples in C#...
by Roy Osherove
The Author's Toolkit: A Step-by-Step Guide t...
by Mary Embree
The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian
by Nirad C Chaudhuri, Ian Jack
The Banking Crisis Handbook
by Greg N Gregoriou (Editor)
The Big Book of Makerspace Projects: Inspiri...
by Colleen Graves,? Aaron Graves
The Biomedical Engineering Handbook ( Four V...
by Joseph D Bronzino, Donald R Peterson
The Book of Dhaka: A City in Short Fiction
by Arunava Sinha, Pushpita Alam
The Cambridge Companion to Logical Empiricism
by Alan Richardson, Thomas Uebel
The Changing Family, 3/E
by Mark Hutter
The Complete Short Stories of Sherlock Holmes
by Arthur Conan Doyle
The Concise AACR2, 4/E
by Michael Gorman
The Conduct of Inquiry in International Rela...
by Patrick Thaddeus Jackson
The Construction of Authorship: Textual Appr...
by Martha Woodmansee, Peter Jaszi
The Craft of Research, 4/E
by Wayne C Booth, Gregory G Colomb, Joseph M ...
The Crying of Lot 49
by Thomas Pynchon
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
by Edward Gibbon
The Dialectics of Seeing: Walter Benjamin an...
by Susan Buck-Morss
The Discovery of Grounded Theory: Strategies...
by Barney G Glaser,  Anselm L Strauss
The Division of Labor in Society
by Emile Durkheim, Lewis A Coser
The Economic System of the Early Islamic Per...
by Seyed Kazem Sadr
The Economics of Energy and the Production P...
by Guido Buenstorf
The Economics of Imperfect Labor Markets, 2/E
by Tito Boeri, Jan Van Ours
The Education and Training of Information Pr...
by G E Gorman
The Elementary Forms of Religious Life
by Emile Durkheim
The Elements of Architecture
by Scott Drake
The Encyclopedia of Seeds: Science, Technolo...
by Michael J Black, J D Bewley, Peter Halmer
The Encyclopedia of Tourism and Recreation i...
by Michael Luck
The Engineering of Foundations
by Rodrigo Salgado
The English Legal System, 17/E
by Gary Slapper, David Kelly
The Environmental Sustainable Development Go...
by Samiya A. Selim, Shantanu Kumar Saha, Ruman...
The Event of Postcolonial Shame (Translation...
by Timothy Bewes
The Eyes of the Skin, 3/E
by Juhani Pallasmaa
The Fashion Design Reference and Specificati...
by Jay Calderin and Laura Volpintesta
The Future of the Past
by Steven W Semes
The Geography of Transport Systems, 4/E
by Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Claude Comtois, Brian S...
The Global Ecology Handbook: What You Can Do...
by Global Tomorrow Coalition, Walter Harris Co...
The Green House: New Directions in Sustainab...
by Alanna Stang, Christopher Hawthorne
The Handbook of Metabonomics and Metabolomics
by John C Lindon, Jeremy K, Nicholson, Elaine ...
The Handmaid's Tale
by Margaret Atwood
The Higgs Hunter's Guide
by John F. Gunion, Howard Haber, Gordon Kane, ...
The Hindu Temple (2 Volume Sets)
by Stella Kramrisch
The Hindu Temple: An Introduction to Its Mea...
by George Michell
The History of Development: From Western Ori...
by Gilbert Rist
The Human Problems of an Idustrial Civilizat...
by Elton Mayo
The India-Pakistan Military Standoff: Crisis...
by Z. Davis
The Interpretation Of Cultures
by Clifford Geertz
The Ionosphere: Communications, Surveillance...
by Leo F McNamara
The Israel Test: Why the World's Most Besieg...
by George Gilder, Joe Lieberman
The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Movement: Comb...
by D. Perry
The Jackknife, the Bootstrap, and Other Resa...
by Bradley Efron
The Landscape of Man: Shaping the Environmen...
by Geoffrey Alan Jellicoe, Susan Jellicoe
The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates ...
by Steven Pinker
The Lattice Boltzmann Equation: For Fluid Dy...
by Sauro Succi
The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Idea Book: 181 Simpl...
by Yoshihito Isogawa
The Limits to Growth, 3/E
by Donella H Meadows, Jorgen Randers
The Little Book of Plagiarism
by Richard A Posner
The Making of a New 'Indian' Art: Artists, A...
by Tapati Guha-Thakurta
The Making of Criminal Justice Policy
by Sue Hobbs, Christopher Hamerton
The Mathematics of Nonlinear Programming
by Anthony L. Peressini, Francis E. Sullivan, ...
The Mediatization of Culture and Society
by Stig Prof Hjarvard
The Microbiome Solution
by Robynne Chutkan
The Miracle: The Epic Story of Asia's Quest ...
by Michael Schuman
The Mirror and the Lamp: Romantic Theory and...
by Meyer H Abrams
The Modernization of the Western World: A So...
by John McGrath, Kathleen Callanan Martin
The Nation and Its Fragments: Colonial and P...
by Partha Chatterjee
The Network Society: From Knowledge to Policy
by Manuel Castells (Editor), Gustavo Cardoso (...
The New Challenges of Humanitarian Law in Ar...
by Pablo Antonio Fernandez-Sanchez
The New Global Frontier: Urbanization, Pover...
by George Martine, Gordon McGranahan, Mark Mon...
The New Nomads: Temporary Spaces and a Life ...
by Robert Klanten, Sven Ehmann, Michelle Galindo
The New Public Personnel Administration
by Lloyd G Nigro, Felix A Nigro, J Edward Kell...
The Non-Designers Design Book, 4/E
by Robin Williams
The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism...
by Vincent B Leitch, William E Cain, Laurie A ...
The Nurse Educator's Guide to Assessing Lear...
by Mary E Mcdonald
The Nutrient Requirements of Ruminant Livestock
by A R C Working Party
The Object Oriented Thought Process, 4/E
by Matt Weisfeld
The Ombudsman, Good Governance and the Inter...
by Linda C Reif
The Oxford Handbook of Criminology, 5/E
by Mike Maguire, Rod Morgan, Robert Reiner
The Oxford Handbook of Governance
by David Levi-Fau
The Philosophy of History
by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
The Poetics of Gardens
by William J Mitchell, William Turnbull
The Political Economy of Power Sector Reform...
by David G Victor, Thomas C Heller
The Politics of Education: Culture, Power an...
by Paulo Freire, Donaldo Macedo, Henry A Giroux
The Polluters: The Making of Our Chemically ...
by Benjamin Ross, Steven Amter
The Principled Communicative Approach
by Jane Arnold, Zoltan Dornyei
The Principles of Naval Architecture Series:...
by Colin S Moore, J Randolph Paulling
The Principles of Sustainability, 2/E
by Simon Dresner
The Rise of the Network Society: The Informa...
by Manuel Castells
The Rohingyas: Inside Myanmar's Genocide
by Azeem Ibrahim, fgvgbfg, dfgf
The Rules of Sociological Method: And Select...
by Emile Durkheim, Steven Lukes
The SAGE Handbook of Public Administration, 2/E
by B Guy Peters, Jon Pierre
The Search
by Shaheen Akhtar
The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person's Gu...
by Steven Pinker
The Shadow Banking System: Creating Transpar...
by Valerio Lemma
The Sociology of Health
by Gregory L. Weiss, Lynne E. Lonnquist
The Sociology of Industry
by Richard Brown, John Child, Dr S R Parker
The Spectral Wound: Sexual Violence, Public ...
by Nayanika Mookherjee
The Spirit of the Laws
by Montesquieu
The Storm: A Novel
by Arif Anwar
The Strategic Manager, 2/E
by Harry Sminia
The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window i...
by Steven Pinker
The Television Studies Reader
by Robert C. Allen (Editor), Annette Hill (Edi...
The Testing of Engineering Materials, 4/E
by Davis H E
The Theory and Practice of the Dewey Decimal...
by Mohinder Partap Satija
The Theory of Environmental Policy, 2/E
by William J Baumol, Vallace E Oates
The UK Pesticide Guide 2017, 30/E
by Martin A Lainsbury
The UN Treaty System in the 21st Century
by Anne Bayefsky
The Unified Modeling Language User Guide, 2/E
by Grady Booch
The Urban Transport Crisis in Emerging Econo...
by Dorina Pojani, Dominic Stead
The Virtual Window: From Alberti to Microsoft
by Anne Friedberg
The Visionary Company: A Reading of English ...
by Harold Bloom
The Visual Display of Quantitative Informati...
by Edward Tufte
The Way Things Work Now
by David Macaulay
The Web Application Hacker's Handbook: Findi...
by Dafydd Stuttard, Marcus Pinto
The Welfare Economics of Public Policy: A Pr...
by Richard E just, Darrell L Hueth, Andrew Sch...
The Well Wrought Urn: Studies in the Structu...
by Mariner Books
The Whole Library Handbook 5: Current Data, ...
by George M Eberhart
The Women, Gender and Development Reader, 2/E
by Nalini Visvanathan, Lynn Duggan, Nan Wieger...
Theatre Buildings: A Design Guide
by Association of British Theatre Technicians,...
Theoretical Sensitivity: Advances in the Met...
by Barney G Glaser
Theories and Applications of Plate Analysis
by Rudolph Szilard
Theories of Public Organization, 7/E
by Robert B Denhardt, Thomas J Catlaw
Theory and Design of Adaptive Filters
by Michael G Larimore, C Richard Johnson, John...
Theory of Econometrics
by A Koutsoyiannis
Thinking Architecture, 3/E
by Peter Zumthor
Thinking with History: Explorations in the P...
by Carl E Schorske
Thread Thereat: Formaldehyde in Textiles
by Victoria C Munoz
Time, History, and Literature: Selected Essa...
by Erich Auerbach
Tinkerlab: A Hands-on Guide for Little Inven...
by Rachelle Doorley
Tokyo as a Global City: New Geographical Per...
by Toshio Kikuchi (Editor), Toshihiko Sugai (E...
Tools For Structured and Object-Oriented Des...
by Marilyn Bohl, Maria Rynn
Total Colour Management in Textiles
by John H Xin
Total Quality Management
by L Suganthi, Anand A Samuel
Towards Creative Learning Spaces
by Jos Boys
Transcultural Negotiations of Gender
by Saugata Bhaduri, Indrani Mukherjee
Transgressing Feminist Theory and Discourse
by Jennifer C Dunn, Jimmie Manning
by LAR/Fernando Romero
Transmission Electron Microscopy: A Textbook...
by D B Williams, C B Carter
Transnational and Comparative Criminology
by Sheptycki, J., Wardak, A.
Transnational Feminism in Film and Media
by Katarzyna Marciniak, Aniko Imre, Aine O'Healy
Transport in Nanostructures, 2/E
by David K Ferry, Stephen M Goodnick, Jonathan...
Trauma Nursing: From Resuscitation Through R...
by Karen A McQuillan, Mary Beth Flynn Makic, E...
Trauma: Explorations in Memory
by Cathy Caruth
Trees, Crops and Soil Fertility: Concepts an...
by Goetz Schroth, Fergus L Sinclair
Tropical Climatology: An Introduction to the...
by Glenn R. McGregor, Simon Nieuwolt
Tropical Vegetable Production
by Raymond A T George
Troubleshooting Electronic Equipment: Includ...
by R S Khandpur
Uncertainty: Einstein, Heisenberg, Bohr, and...
by David Lindley
Unclaimed Experience: Trauma, Narrative, and...
by Cathy Caruth
Understanding Emerging Markets : China and I...
by Peter Enderwick
Understanding Governance
by R A W Rhodes
Understanding Molecular Biology
by Preeti Mehta
Understanding our Environment, 3/E
by R M Harrison, Hugh Fish, C Nicholas Hewitt
Understanding Pathophysiology, 5/E
by Sue E Huether, Kathryn L McCance
Understanding Public Management
by Kjell A Eliassen, Nick Sitter
Understanding Race and Ethnic Relations, 5/E
by Vincent N Parrillo
Understanding Statistics: An Introduction fo...
by Daniel B Wright
Understanding the Political World, 12/E
by James N Danziger, Charles Anthony Smith
Universal Principles of Design
by William Lidwell, Kritina Holden, Jill Butler
University Planning and Architecture: The Se...
by Jonathan Coulson, Paul Roberts, Isabelle Ta...
University Teaching in Focus
by Lynne Hunt
Urban Design: A Typology of Procedures and P...
by Jon Lang
Urban Disaster Resilience
by David Sanderson, Jerold S Kayden, Julia Leis
Urban Geography
by Tim Hall, Heather Barrett
Urban Poverty in Bangladesh: Slum Communitie...
by Shahadat Hossain
Urban Risk Reduction: An Asian Perspective(V...
by Rajib Shaw, Hari Srinivas, Anshu Sharma
Urban Theory Beyond the West: A World of Cities
by Tim Edensor, Mark Jayne
Urban Theory: New Critical Perspectives
by Mark Jayne (Editor), Kevin Ward (Editor)
Validation and Qualification in Analytical L...
by Ludwing Huber
Valuing Environmental and Natural Resources:...
by Timothy C Haab, Kenneth E McConnell
Varcarolis' Foundations of Psychiatric Menta...
by Margaret Jordan Halter
Veterinary Epidemiology, 4/E
by Michael Thrusfield, Robert Christley
Visual C++.Net: The Complete Reference
by Chris Pappas, William Murray
Visual Grammar
by Christian Leborg
Visual Merchandising and Display: Studio Acc...
by Martin M Pegler
VLSI Technology, 2/E
by Sze S M
Vulnerability Assessment of Physical Protect...
by Mary Lynn Garcia
by Chandra Lekha Sriram, Olga Martin-Ortega (E...
Warranty Data Collection and Analysis
by Wallace R Blischke, M Rezaul Karim, D N Pra...
Waste Treatment in the Process Industries
by Lawrence K. Wang, Yung-Tse Hung, Howard H. ...
Water Quality Engineering: Physical / Chemic...
by Mark M Benjamin, Desmond F Lawler
Water Supply and Sewerage, 6/E
by Terrence Mcghee
Water Supply Engineering, 2/E
by B C Punmia, Ashok Kumar Jain, Arun Kumar Jain
by Graham Swift
Wave Dynamics and Composite Mechanics for Mi...
by Mezhlum A Sumbatyan
Web Design in a Nutshell, 3/E
by Jennifer Niederst
Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQ...
by Jon Duckett
Wetlands and Urbanization: Implications for ...
by Amanda Azous, Richard R Horner
What Is Sociolinguistics
by Gerard Van Herk
WHO Classification of Tumours of the Central...
by International Agency for Research on Cancer
WHO Classification of Tumours of the Lung, P...
by International Agency for Research on Cancer
Winningham's Critical Thinking Cases in Nurs...
by Mariann M Harding, Julie S Snyder, Barbara...
Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children ...
by Marilyn J Hockenberry, David Wilson
Wood Identification and Use: A Field Guide t...
by Terry Porter
Words and Rules: The Ingredients Of Language
by Steven Pinker
Work and Society: An Introduction to Industr...
by Curt Tausky
World Civilizations Vol-1, 9/E
by Phillip Lee Ralph, Robert E Lerner, Standis...
World Civilizations: Their History and Their...
by Phillip Lee Ralph, Robert E Lerner, Standis...
World Englishes: A Critical Analysis
by Mario Saraceni
Worlds of Making: Best Practices for Establi...
by Laura Fleming
Writing Academic English Level 4, 4/E
by Alice Oshima, Ann Hogue
Writing Programs Worldwide: Profiles of Acad...
by Chris Thaiss, Gerd Br Uer, Paula Carlino
Yarn Texturing Technology
by JWS Hearle, L Hollick, D K Wilson
You Don't Know JS (6 Volumes Set)
by Kyle Simpson
Young American Muslims: Dynamics of Identity
by Nahid Kabir
Young British Muslims: Identity, Culture, Po...
by Nahid Afrose Kabir
Your Starter Guide to Makerspaces (The Nerdy...
by Nicholas Provenzano
Global Talent Management, 2/E (Paperback)
David G Collings, Hugh Scullion, Paula M Caligiuri

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