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Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering (Paperback)
Braja M Das

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Table of Content
1. Introduction
Soil:Particle Size / General Soil Deposits / Some Local Terms for Soils / References

2. Weight–Volume Relationships
Volume Relationships / Weight Relationships / Specific Gravity of Soil Solids / Relationships among Unit Weight, Void Ratio, Moisture Content, and Specific Gravity / Relationships among Unit Weight, Porosity, and Moisture Content / Relative Density / Problems / References

3. Grain Size Analysis, Plasticity, and Soil Classification
Grain Size Analysis / Grain Size Distribution Curve / Consistency of Soils:Atterberg Limits / Liquid Limit (LL) / Plastic Limit (PL) / Shrinkage Limit (SL) / Engineering Classification of Soil / AASHTO Soil Classification System / Unified Soil Classification System / Problems / References

4. Permeability and Capillarity
Darcy's Law / Hydraulic Conductivity / Laboratory Determination of Hydraulic Conductivity / Relationships for Hydraulic Conductivity: Granular Soils / Relationships for Hydraulic Conductivity:Cohesive Soils / Permeability Test in the Field by Pumping from Wells / Capillary Rise in Soils / Problems / References

5. Stresses in a Soil Mass
Effective Stress Concept:
Stresses in Saturated Soil without Seepage / Stresses in Saturated Soil with Upward Seepage
Vertical Stress Increase Due to Various Types of Loading:
Stress Caused by a Point Load / Vertical Stress below the Center of a Uniformly Loaded Circular Area / Vertical Stress Caused by a Rectangularly Loaded Area
Problems / References

6. Consolidation
Fundamentals of Consolidation / One-Dimensional Laboratory Consolidation Test / Void Ratio:Pressure Plots / Normally Consolidated and Overconsolidated Clays / Effect of Disturbance on Void Ratio-Pressure Relationship / Calculation of Settlement from One-Dimensional Primary Consolidation / Compression Index (Cc ) and Swell Index (Cs ) / Settlement from Secondary Consolidation / Time-Rate Consolidation / Coefficient of Consolidation / Problems / References

7. Shear Strength of Soils
Mohr-Coulomb Failure Criteria / Direct Shear Test / Triaxial Shear Test / Consolidated-Drained Test / Consolidated-Undrained Test / Unconsolidated-Undrained Test / Unconfined Compression Test on Saturated Clay / Problems / References

8. Subsurface Exploration
Subsurface Exploration Program / Exploratory Borings in the Field / Procedures for Sampling of Soil / Observation of Water Levels / Vane Shear Test / Cone Penetration Test / Coring of Rocks / Preparation of Boring Logs / Subsurface Exploration Report / Problems / References

9. Lateral Earth Pressure: At-Rest, Rankine and Coulomb
At-Rest, Rankine and Passive Pressures /
At-Rest Lateral Earth Pressure:
Earth Pressure at Rest / Earth Pressure at Rest for Partially Submerged Soil
Rankine's Earth Pressure:
Rankine Active Pressure / Rankine Active Pressure:Partially Submerged Cohesionless Soil (c´= 0) with Backfill Supporting a Surcharge / Rankine Active Pressure with Inclined Granular Backfill (c´= 0) / Rankine Passive Earth Pressure
Coulomb's Earth Pressure Theory:
Coulomb's Active Pressure / Coulomb’s Passive Pressure
Problems / References

10. Shallow Foundations – Bearing Capacity and Settlement
Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations:
General Concepts / Ultimate bearing Capacity Theory / Modification of Bearing Capacity Equations for Water Table / The Factor of Safety / Eccentrically Loaded Foundations
Settlement of Shallow Foundations:
Types of Foundation Settlement / Elastic Settlement / Range of material Parameters for Computing Elastic Settlement / Field Load Tests / Elastic Settlement Based on Standard Penetration Resistance in Sand / Primary Consolidation Settlement
Mat Foundations:
Common Types of Mat Foundations / Bearing Capacity of Mat Foundations / Compensated Foundations
Problems / References

11. Deep Foundations
Pile Foundations:
Pile Foundation:General / Types of Piles and their Structural Characteristics / Estimation of Pile Length / Installation of Piles / Ultimate Load Carrying Capacity of Piles in Sand / Ultimate Load carrying Capacity of Piles in Clay (ø = 0 condition) / Pile Driving Formulas / Pile Driving Formulas / Pile Load Tests / Group Piles:Efficiency / Consolidation Settlement of Group Piles / Elastic Settlement of Group Piles
Drilled Shafts:
Drilled Shafts:General / Types of Drilled Shafts / Construction Procedures / Estimation of Load-Bearing Capacity / Allowable Load-Bearing Capacity Based on Settlement
Problems / References

12. Retaining Walls
Introduction /
Gravity and Cantilever Walls:
Proportioning Retaining Walls / Application of Lateral Earth Pressure Theories to Design / Stability of Retaining Walls / Check for Overturning / Check for Sliding along the Base / Check for Bearing Capacity Failure / Drainage from the Backfill of the Retaining Wall / Provisions for Joints in the Retaining Wall Construction

13. Slope Stability
Factor of Safety / Culmann's method for Stability Analysis / Factor of Safety along a Plane / Analysis of Slopes with Circular Failure Surfaces:General / Mass Procedures:Slopes in Homogeneous Clay Soil with ø = 0 / Mass Procedure:Slopes in Homogeneous c´- ø´ Soil / Ordinary Method of Slices / Problems / References

14. Soil Compaction
Compaction:General Principles / Standard Proctor Test / Factors Affecting Compaction / Modified Proctor Test / Effect of Compaction on Cohesive Soil Properties / Pile Compaction / Specifications for Field Unit Weight of Compaction / Problems / References

Answers to Selected Problems

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