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Norie's Nautical Tables
by Capt George Blance
Our Price: BDT 5807.29
Economics of Social Issues, 21/E
by Charles A Register, Pa...
Our Price: BDT 9466.57
Essentials of Marketing Research, 2/E
by Joseph F Hair, Mary Wo...
Our Price: BDT 8577.03
Model Business Letters, E-mails and Other Business D...
by Shirley Taylor
Our Price: BDT 828.00
The Business Environment, 7/E
by Ian Worthington, Chris...
Our Price: BDT 4352.90
Fundamentals Of Financial Management, 5/E
by Prasanna Chandra
Our Price: BDT 1152.00
Retail Marketing Management, 2/E
by David Gilbert
Our Price: BDT 948.96
Macroeconomic Theory: A Dynamic General Equilibrium ...
by Michael Wickens
Our Price: BDT 5332.50
Applied Statistics for Business and Economics, 3/E
by Allen Webster
Our Price: BDT 1366.56
Contemporary Strategic Management, 6/E
by Robert M Grant
Our Price: BDT 761.60