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Medicine and Dentistry:
Mathematics for Life Science and Medicine
by Y Iwasa, Y Takeuchi, K...
Our Price: BDT 792.00
Medicinal Chemistry, 6/E
by Ashutosh Kar
Our Price: BDT 862.56
Textbook of Veterinary Physiological Chemistry, 3/E
by Larry R Engelking
Our Price: BDT 7106.84
Ophthalmology (ISE), 4/E
by Myron Yanoff, Jay S D...
Our Price: BDT 14148.90
Textbook Symptoms in the Pharmacy: A Guide to the M...
by Alison Blenkinsopp, Pa...
Our Price: BDT 4120.64
Neuroscience, 5/E
by Dale Purves, George J ...
Our Price: BDT 8955.44
Manual of Gastroenterology: Diagnosis and Therapy, 4/E
by Canan Avunduk
Our Price: BDT 1144.80
Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine, 22/E
by Nicki R Colledge, Bria...
Our Price: BDT 4318.56
Oxford Handbook of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2/E
by Stuart Bloom, George W...
Our Price: BDT 4337.10