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Law and Criminology:
Business Law, 6/E
by M C Kuchhal, Vivek Kuc...
Our Price: BDT 540.00
ADR: Principles and Practice, 3/E
by Henry Brown, Arthur Ma...
Our Price: BDT 6480.00
International Environmental Law, 3/E
by A C Kiss, Dinah Shelton
Our Price: BDT 13935.60
Mitigating Conflict: The Role of NGOs
by Henry F Carey, Oliver ...
Our Price: BDT 4120.64
International Business Transactions, 2/E
by Daniel C K Chow, Thoma...
Our Price: BDT 15997.50
Philosophy Of Law: An Introduction To Jurisprudence
by Jeffrie G Murphy, Jule...
Our Price: BDT 3555.00
Company and Securities Laws, 3/E
by Dr M Zahir
Our Price: BDT 2520.00
Sports Law, 2/E
by Mark James
Dispute Resolution: Negotiation Mediation & Other Pr...
by Stephen B. Goldberg, F...
Our Price: BDT 17064.00
Family Law, Gender and the State: Text, Cases and Ma...
by Alison Diduck, Felicit...
Our Price: BDT 4819.00
Justice in Robes
by Ronald Dworkin
Our Price: BDT 2097.45