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Simplified Design for Building Fire Safety
by James Patterson
Our Price: BDT 9598.50
A Visual Dictionary of Architecture, 2/E
by Francis D K Ching
Our Price: BDT 2152.80
The Image of the City
by Kevin Lynch
Our Price: BDT 1777.50
Portfolio Presentation for Fashion Designers, 3/E
by Linda Tain
Our Price: BDT 7465.50
Lebbeus Woods Is An Archetype
by Eric Owen Moss, Hernan...
Our Price: BDT 2061.90
Sustainable Buildings and Infrastructure: Paths to t...
by Annie Pearce, Yong Han...
Our Price: BDT 12798.00
Interior Architecture
by John Kurtich, Garret E...
Our Price: BDT 13114.00