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Blueprint for Greening Affordable Housing
by Global Green USA
Our Price: BDT 3950.00
Patternmaking for Fashion Design, 5/E
by Helen Joseph Armstrong
Our Price: BDT 1332.00
Sewing for Fashion Design, 2/e
by Nurie Relis, Gayle Str...
Our Price: BDT 7152.66
Individuality in Clothing Selection and Personal App...
by Suzanne G. Marshall, H...
Our Price: BDT 7394.40
Open Space: People Space
by Catherine Ward Thompso...
The Nature of a House: Building a World that Works
by George Woodwell
Our Price: BDT 1971.84
The Invisible Houses
by Gonzalo Lizarralde
The Designer's Atlas of Sustainability
by Ann Thorpe
Our Price: BDT 2765.00
Intellectual Property Rights Management in Developin...
by Sheila Mavis Nyatlo, C...
Our Price: BDT 1584.00
Urban Ecology
by Kevin J Gaston
Our Price: BDT 5687.21