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Doing And Writing Qualitative Research, 2/E
by Adrian Holliday
Our Price: BDT 5185.00
Methods of Soil Analysis. Part 2. Microbiological an...
by R W Weaver, Scott Angl...
Our Price: BDT 6120.00
Water Resources Management
by David Stephenson
Biophysical Chemistry:The Behavior of Biological Mac...
by Charles R. Cantor,Paul...
Our Price: BDT 8641.10
Exploring Proteins
by Nicholas Price, Jacque...
Our Price: BDT 4207.50
Lewin's Essential Genes, 3/E
by Anchorage Jocelyn E Kr...
Our Price: BDT 13005.00
Food Microbiology (SIE), 4/E
by William C Frazier, Den...
Our Price: BDT 555.20
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 5/E
by Alison Snape, Despo Pa...
Our Price: BDT 13996.10
Role of Fisheries in Rural Development
by Giriappa, Somu
Our Price: BDT 1288.80