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Life Table and Its Applications
by Chin Long Chiang
Our Price: BDT 5154.40
Physiology and Biochemistry of Extremophiles
by Charles Gerday, Nicola...
Our Price: BDT 9868.50
Elements of Marine Ecology, 4/E
by R V Tait, F A Dipper
Our Price: BDT 5428.10
Essentials of Assessment Report Writing
by Elizabeth O Lichtenber...
Our Price: BDT 3366.00
A Dictionary of Epidemiology, 5/E
by Miquel Porta
Our Price: BDT 2486.25
Fishes of the World, 5/E
by Joseph S Nelson
Our Price: BDT 12622.50
Nutritional Epidemiology, 3/E
by Walter Willett
Our Price: BDT 6732.00
The Nature and Properties of Soil, 15/E
by Nyle C Brady, Raymond...