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Browns Rule of the Road Manual, 19/E
by H H Brown, Saurabh Sac...
Algorithms: Design Techniques and Analys
by M H Alsuwaiyel
Our Price: BDT 11020.50
Rural Development Planning Strategy and Policy Imper...
by Vivek Saurath
Our Price: BDT 1224.00
What Is Globalization
by Ulrich Beck
Our Price: BDT 2129.84
Treatise on Geochemistry (16 vol sets), 2/E
by Karl K Turekian, Heinr...
Our Price: BDT 533250.00
Field Geophysics, 4/E
by John Milsom, Asger Eri...
Our Price: BDT 3199.50
Disaster Management In 21st Century
by B C Bose
Our Price: BDT 864.00
Integrated Disease Management and Plant Health
by V K Gupta, Sharma
Our Price: BDT 2232.00
Biodiversity and Environmental Management
by B D Joshi, C P M Tripathi
Our Price: BDT 1000.80
Economic Geography
by H M Saxena
Our Price: BDT 1288.80