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Law and Criminology:
The Law of Treaties
by Lord McNair
Our Price: BDT 30573.00
Private International Law in Australia, 3/E
by MortensenR, Garnett R ...
Our Price: BDT 10309.50
Examples and Explanations: Constitutional Law: Indiv...
by Allan Ides, Charles N May
Our Price: BDT 3551.84
Birds' Modern Insurance Law, 10/E
by Professor John Birds
Ellinger's Modern Banking Law, 5/E
by E P Ellinger, E Lomnic...
Our Price: BDT 6754.50
Understanding Common Law Legislation: Drafting and I...
by F A R Bennion
Our Price: BDT 4266.00
Shipping Law, 6/E
by Simon Baughen
Charlesworth's Business Law, 16/E
by J Charlesworth, Paul D...
Remedies for Breach of Contract
by Solene Rowan
Our Price: BDT 8532.00
Research Methods for Law
by Mike McConville, Wing ...