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Business Studies:
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Handbook of Market Risk
by Christian Szylar
Our Price: BDT 11020.50
Marketing in the Public Sector
by Nancy Lee, Philip Kotler
Our Price: BDT 2843.21
Product Management, 2/E
by Dr C Anandan
Our Price: BDT 686.40
Developing Management Skills, 8/E
by David A Whetten, Kim S...
Our Price: BDT 884.80
The Process of Economic Development, 4/E
by James M Cypher, James ...
Marketing Research, 2/e
by Nigel Bradley
Our Price: BDT 505.60
The Leadership Experience, 6/E
by Richard L Daft
Our Price: BDT 24526.34
The Economics of Microfinance, 2/E
by Beatriz Armendariz, Jo...
Our Price: BDT 2772.90