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Law and Criminology:
Internet Law Series: Jurisdiction
by Jonathan L Zittrain
Our Price: BDT 2923.00
The International Law of the Sea, 2/E
by Donald R Rothwell, Tim...
The Road to Reality: A Complete Guide to the Laws of...
by Roger Penrose
Our Price: BDT 1848.60
The Refugee in International Law, 3/E
by Guy Goodwin-Gill, Jane...
Justice for Hedgehogs
by Ronald Dworkin
Our Price: BDT 1635.30
Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution
by Martin A Frey
Our Price: BDT 12723.74
Foundational Texts in Modern Criminal Law
by Markus D Dubber
Our Price: BDT 9598.50
Rights, Gender and Family Law
by Julie Wallbank, Shazia...
Private International Law in Australia, 3/E
by MortensenR, Garnett R ...
Our Price: BDT 10309.50