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Law and Criminology:
Human Rights Law: From Dissemination to Application
by Jonas Grimheden, Rolf ...
Our Price: BDT 23676.30
An Introduction To Islamic Law
by Joseph Schacht
Our Price: BDT 612.00
Cyber law: The law of the internet and Information T...
by Brian Craig
Our Price: BDT 12414.06
Charlesworth's Business Law, 16/E
by J Charlesworth, Paul D...
Muslim Family Law, Secular Courts and Muslim Women o...
by Alamgir Muhammad Seraj...
Our Price: BDT 2844.00
Comparative Constitutional Law, 3/E
by Durga Das Basu
Our Price: BDT 1072.80
Tort Law: Text and Materials, 5/E
by Mark Lunney, Ken Oliphant
Our Price: BDT 5332.50
Gurry on Breach of Confidence: The Protection of Con...
by Tanya Aplin, Lionel Be...
Our Price: BDT 26307.00
Interpreting Constitutions: A Comparative Study
by Jeffrey Goldsworthy
Our Price: BDT 4621.50
International Human Rights Law, 2/E
by Daniel Moeckli, Sangee...
Our Price: BDT 4621.50
Internet Law Series: Jurisdiction
by Jonathan L Zittrain
Our Price: BDT 2923.00