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Elementary Food Science, 4/E
by Ernest Vieira
Our Price: BDT 1144.80
Understanding Psychology,12/E
by Robert S Feldman
Our Price: BDT 16830.00
Medical Immunology, 10/E
by Tristram G Parslow, Da...
Our Price: BDT 5508.00
Processed Meats
by A M Pearson, T A Gillett
Environmental Science, 14/E
by Eldon Enger, Bradley S...
Our Price: BDT 11335.60
Handbook of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
by Shayne Cox Gad
Our Price: BDT 13260.00
Understanding Food Science and Technology
by Peter Murano
Our Price: BDT 11284.60
Bioinformatic Approaches for Livestock Genome Analysis
by Umesh Singh, Sushil Ku...
Our Price: BDT 3672.00
Fish Research
by B N Pandey
Our Price: BDT 1144.80
Inhalation Drug Delivery: Techniques and Products
by Paolo Colombo, Daniel...
Our Price: BDT 7111.10
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
by Carlos A Guzmán, Giora...
Our Price: BDT 12444.00