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Campbell Biology: Concepts and Connections, 11/E
by Jane Reece, Martha Tay...
Our Price: BDT 19859.40
Textbook Of Clinical Pharmacy Practice, 2/E
by Parthasarathi
Our Price: BDT 756.00
Public Engagement and Civic Maturity: A Public Dialo...
by Kimberly Pearce
Our Price: BDT 1526.60
Essential Medical Statistics, 2/E
by Betty Kirkwood, Jonath...
Our Price: BDT 5657.60
Biotechnology from A to Z, 3/E
by William Bains
Our Price: BDT 7038.00
Pharmaceutical Calculations, 4/E
by Joel L Zatz, Maria Gla...
Our Price: BDT 6116.60
Microbiology, 5/E
by Michael Pelczar, E.C S...
Our Price: BDT 1332.00
Introduction to Biotechnology, 2/E
by Herren Raj
Our Price: BDT 648.00
Evolution of Primary Producers in the Sea
by Paul Falkowski, Andrew...
Our Price: BDT 7264.10