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Principles of Fermentation Technology, 2/E
by Whitaker, P F Stanbury...
Our Price: BDT 813.60
Environmental Microbiology, 3/E
by Ian L Pepper, Charles ...
Our Price: BDT 6796.60
Health Psychology, 7/E
by Shelley Taylor
Our Price: BDT 1137.60
Gender Issues in Water and Sanitation Programmes
by Aidan A Cronin, Pradee...
Our Price: BDT 4972.50
Communication Skills in Pharmacy Practice, 6/E
by Robert S Beardsley, Ca...
Our Price: BDT 4742.15
Fundamentals of Molecular Spectroscopy, 5/E
by Colin N Banwell, Elain...
Our Price: BDT 590.40
Research Methods in Psychology, 10/E
by John Shaughnessy, Euge...
Our Price: BDT 19380.00
Practical Zoology : Invertebrate, 11/E
by S S Lal
Our Price: BDT 424.80
Human Physiology, 14/E
by Stuart Ira Fox
Our Price: BDT 21216.00