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Child Development, 13/E
by John Santrock
Our Price: BDT 972.00
Principles of Fermentation Technology, 2/E
by Whitaker, P F Stanbury...
Our Price: BDT 813.60
Food Process Engineering: Theory and Laboratory Expe...
by Shri K Sharma, Steven ...
Our Price: BDT 1217.20
Transmission and Population Genetics, 4/E
by Benjamin A Pierce
Our Price: BDT 7187.60
Communicable Diseases: A Global Perspective, 4/E
by Roger Webber
Our Price: BDT 6375.00
Essentials of Animal Physiology
by S C Rastogi
Our Price: BDT 540.00
Protein Engineering Handbook, Volume 3
by Stefan Lutz, Uwe Theo ...
Our Price: BDT 17518.50
Antimicrobial Agents: Antibacterials and Antifungals
by Andre Bryskier
Our Price: BDT 10706.60