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Psychological Testing and Assessment, 12/E
by Lewis R Aiken, Gary Gr...
Our Price: BDT 19155.60
Soil Erosion and Conservation
by R P Tripathi, H P Singh
Our Price: BDT 266.40
Introduction to Biotechnology, 3/E
by William Thieman
Our Price: BDT 12454.20
Abnormal Psychology, 11/E
by Kring, Johnson, Daviso...
Our Price: BDT 1049.76
Foye's Principles of Medicinal Chemistry, 7/E
by Thomas L Lemke, David ...
Our Price: BDT 1944.00
Information Management and Participation: A New Appr...
by Francesco Notarbartolo...
Our Price: BDT 4598.50
Bioengineering and Molecular Biology of Plant Pathwa...
by Hans J Bohnert, Henry ...
Our Price: BDT 13260.00
Environmental Biotechnology
by Daniel Vallero
Our Price: BDT 1080.00
Techniques for Microbiology: A Student Handbook
by John M. Lammert
Our Price: BDT 2386.80