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Communication in Nursing, 7/E
by Julia Balzer Riley
Our Price: BDT 5185.00
Community and Public Health Nursing: Promoting the P...
by Judith Allender, Cheri...
Our Price: BDT 8500.00
Quinn's Principles and Practice of Nurse Education, 6/E
by Francis Quinn, Suzanne...
Our Price: BDT 9302.40
Teaching in Nursing: A Guide for Faculty, 4/E
by Diane M Billings, Judi...
Our Price: BDT 7225.00
Pearson Reviews and Rationales: Pathophysiology with...
by Maryann Hogan
Our Price: BDT 3825.00
Adams's Outline of Orthopaedics, 14/E
by David L Hamblen, Hamis...
Our Price: BDT 5525.00
Nursing Research and Statistics
by Nursing Research Socie...
Our Price: BDT 540.80
Nursing Leadership and Management, 3/E
by Patricia Kelly
Our Price: BDT 10477.10
Pathophysiology: Adaptations and Alterations in Func...
by Barbara L Bullock
Our Price: BDT 8796.65
Pediatric Nursing, 2/E
by Parul Datta
Our Price: BDT 684.00
Pediatric Nursing: Caring for Children and Their Fam...
by Nicki L Potts, Barbara...
Our Price: BDT 14663.35